The price of victory 

Charlton, Michael  

London : British Broadcasting Corporation


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Further works by Michael Charlton

Michael Charlton (Australian, born in Sydney, 1 May 1927), is a journalist and broadcaster who worked for the BBC in the United Kingdom for many years. From 1962 to 1976, he was a reporter for 'Panorama'. During this period, he reported live from the United States in the aftermath of the assassination of President Kennedy. In July 1969, he reported on the Apollo 11 moon landing. In the 1980s, he presented a pioneering radio programme entitled 'It’s Your World' for the BBC World Service, which featured heads of government responding to questions submitted by listeners. Michael Charlton is also a popular writer. His works include 'The Price of Victory', a history of post war British diplomacy, and 'Many Reasons Why: The American Involvement in Vietnam'.


The Price of Victory' appeared in 1980 as a series of transcripts of Michael Charlton’s radio interviews, which were broadcast by BBC radio from 1945 to 1963. The book contains interviews with political figures of the era, British and foreign politicians and officials working to build post war diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and other European countries, and to create the conditions that would give rise to a united Europe.

The interviews cover the period from the end of World War II until the moment when the United Kingdom made its pivotal policy change on Europe. They represent a priceless historical source of knowledge on the events surrounding the birth of the European project. The interviews consist of a critique of the UK’s position, which was initially characterised by scepticism towards the European project and reluctance to become involved in supranational structures – especially if they had the potential to endanger the UK's relations with the USA. In the British political tradition, Europe was perceived as having little in common with the UK and its interests.

The book ends with a discussion on the reasons why President de Gaulle vetoed the UK’s membership of the European Communities in January 1963.

The book’s title quotes Jean Monet, for whom the 'price of victory' referred to price paid by the UK by not being present among the founding nations of the European Communities.