The Community of Europe 

Mayne, Richard J.  

London : Gollancz


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Richard Mayne (British, born 2 April 1926 - died 29 November 2009) was a journalist, writer, critic, broadcaster and a European official who advocated and published on European integration. In 1956 he started his career at the High Authority of the ECSC, working as Walter Hallstein's personal assistant from 1958-1963. From 1963-1966 he was personal assistant to Jean Monnet and received the Scott Moncrieff Prize for his translation of Monnet's memoirs in 1979. In 1969 he became the European Commission's chief representative in London and was Head of the UK Representation Office from 1973-1976, contributing to the positive outcome of the referendum on continued UK membership of the EU in 1975.


The Community of Europe' is an account of the history of the European Community. It gives the political and economic background, with a special focus on the post-war history of Europe, which led to attempts towards European unity. Mayne details European integration from the Schuman Declaration, through failed plans for a European Army and a European Political Community, to Euratom and the Common Market, which he analyses comprehensively. He positions the role of Great Britain in this process, its relationship to Continental Europe and the pros and cons for Britain's membership in the Community. In the concluding chapters he looks at the consequences of European integration in the wider world, in particular in relation to the United States, and tries to look to the future.