Europe, your choice : 5 options for tomorrow's Europe 

Tindemans Group  

Editor, Sammy van Tuill van Serooskerken. - London : Harvill Press


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The Tindemans Group was a reflection group which took place from 1994 -1995 with the aim of involving the public in the discussions preceding the 1996 Intergovernmental Conference for revision of Maastricht Treaty and preparation of future enlargements. The group was chaired by Mr Leo Tindemans, former Prime Minister of Belgium and Member of the European Parliament, and comprised 48 members of different backgrounds.


This report was written by the Tindemans Group as a basis for public debate on decision-making in the European Union and presents five scenarios.

Before describing the scenarios, the report presents briefly the history of the European institutions, the costs and benefits of European integration, the distribution of responsibilities within the Union and the subsidiarity principle, and the institutional framework.

The five scenarios include descriptions of their main characteristics and reasoning, present the roles of the Council, the Commission and the European Parliament, give examples of decisions and discuss the issues around four criteria: democracy, transparency, efficiency and balance. For comparative reasons, the current situation is presented against an alternative scenario.

The report does not present any conclusions, giving readers the possibility to reflect on the different options proposed, draw their own conclusion, and participate in the ensuing debates.