Welcome to this dedicated new web space freely available to the public which presents, in at least one official EU language, a selection of the 100 Books on Europe to Remember.

The European Parliament has attempted to make a comprehensive selection of academic, intellectual and political works on the European idea and the development of the European integration process, taking into account the vast geographical, linguistic and intellectual spectrum of ideas.

In my role as President of the European Parliament, I am often called upon to speak on the future of Europe. Having worked in publishing, and owned a bookshop in my earlier career, I have a passion for books and history.

I strongly believe that in these days of a crisis of confidence in the idea of Europe it is important to reflect on the historical context of the European project, in order to better plan for the future.

The history of European integration is one based on post-war reconciliation and has shown that it is possible to work together beyond borders, beyond cultural or linguistic, economic or political boundaries, to create a better future for all Europeans. I hope that the contribution of these 100 Books on the project can help inspire solutions for the current challenges facing the EU.

That is why I have asked the European Parliamentary Research Service to make available to the public this selection of 100 Books on Europe to Remember, in the hope that, by giving access to this comprehensive selection of works on the European idea, many more people will enjoy exploring the ideas and individuals that inspired and guided the creation and growth of what has become the European Union in the 21st century.

I hope you enjoy perusing the collection.

Martin Schulz

April 2014