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Are you looking for a European Parliament document?

The European Parliament’s Register of Documents has references to documents produced or received by the European Parliament since 3 December 2001, the date on which Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 came into effect. The public has direct access to the vast majority of these documents in their electronic form. Electronic access is free and no justification is necessary.

As a general rule, the register shows for each document:

  • a classification number or reference number
  • the document’s date
  • the name of the author or the department responsible for producing the document
  • related documents (links to other documents pertaining to the same procedure)

If you are looking for historical documents, or are carrying out thematic and/or in-depth documentary research, please contact the European Parliament's historical archives service
(click here)

If you are not looking for specific documents but simply for information about the European Parliament, you can contact the European Parliament’s Citizens’ Enquiry Service
(click here)

For further information, please see the heading ‘Information’