Citizens' Enquiries


If you want to find out more about the organization, powers and activities of the European Parliament, you can contact the Citizens' Enquiry Service using the mailbox below.


If you wish to contact directly a Member of the European Parliament, refer the list of Members.


To consult archive documents concerning the European Parliament and its history, please click on the following link:


To obtain information about the right of petition to the European Parliament, see.


To participate in online discussions about current issues concerning the European Parliament, see the Parliament's Facebook page (EN) (registration required for use of Facebook).


For information about the European Parliament locally, see the list of local information offices.


You can also ask questions about the European Union using the EuropeDirect service by email or telephone.


To visit the European Parliament, contact the Visitors Service.


To find out about job opportunities with the European Parliament, visit the European Personnel Selection Office website.


To find out about traineeships with the European Parliament, contact the Traineeship office.


If you wish to access documents produced or received by the EP since 3 December 2001, please consult the website of the Register: