Intergroups can be formed by Members from any political group and any committee, with a view to holding informal exchanges of views on particular subjects and promoting contact between Members and civil society.

Intergroups are not Parliament bodies and therefore may not express Parliament’s opinion.

Intergroups are subject to internal rules adopted by the Conference of Presidents on 16 December 1999 (last updated on 11 September 2014), which set out the conditions under which intergroups may be established at the beginning of each parliamentary term and their operating rules.

Chairs of intergroups are required to declare any support they receive in cash or kind, according to the same criteria applicable to Members as individuals. The declarations must be updated every year and are filed in a public register held by the Quaestors.

At its meeting on 11 December 2014 the Conference of Presidents approved the following list of intergroups to be established under the current legislative term of Parliament:

  • Active ageing, intergenerational solidarity & family policies
  • Anti-racism and diversity
  • Biodiversity, countryside, hunting and recreational fisheries
  • Children's rights
  • Climate change, sustainable development and biodiversity
  • Common goods and public services
  • Creative industries
  • Digital agenda
  • Disability
  • Extreme poverty and human rights
  • European tourism development, cultural heritage, Way of St. James and other European cultural routes
  • Freedom of religion and belief and religious tolerance
  • Integrity - Transparency, anti- corruption and organised crime
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex rights - LGBTI
  • Long-term investment and reindustrialisation
  • Rural, mountainous and remote areas
  • Seas, rivers, islands and coastal areas
  • SMEs - Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Sky and Space
  • Social economy
  • Sports
  • Trade Unions
  • Traditional minorities, National communities and Languages
  • Urban
  • Welfare and conservation of animals
  • Western Sahara
  • Wine, spirits and quality foodstuffs
  • Youth Issues