Cohesion, growth and jobs

Structural policies are designed to foster economic, social and territorial cohesion in the EU by supporting job creation, competitiveness, research and innovation, and sustainable development, and by making improvements to EU citizens’ quality of life. Cohesion, agriculture, fisheries and transport are areas in which the Union has its say. One of the EU’s key aims is to reduce disparities in the levels of development across its regions. The common agricultural policy seeks to ensure a fair standard of living for farmers and ensure that products are available at reasonable prices for consumers, while supporting sustainable practices. The common fisheries policy is designed to ensure sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and to guarantee incomes and stable jobs for all producers, using market and financial measures to support these objectives. Alongside the opening-up of transport markets and the creation of the Trans-European Transport Network, sustainable mobility is a major challenge at present. Tourism, culture, education and sport are also areas in which the Union plays an active role.