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Art Collection

Temporary art exhibition - Works of Art from Bulgaria

2018 marks the European Year of Cultural Heritage and Bulgaria’s cultural and folklore traditions are some of the richest in the world. The remains of many ancient civilisations can be found in the country. The artistic questions that arise within the framework of the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Council are: how far does the rich history of Bulgaria have an impact on its contemporary art and culture? How far does the past reach into the future, influencing developments to come? What vision of Europe does it convey?

Synergy (synergism) - In this exhibition, synergy manifests itself in the complementarity of the artists’ concepts, trends and techniques against the general backdrop of today’s art scene. The development of Bulgarian art has been influenced by historical events, artistic exploration and traditional working methods, but also by abrupt severance with and distancing from these influences.

From January until June 2018 you can see the works of Bulgarian art in the European Parliament in Brussels, Altiero Spinelli building, 3rd floor, zone G. This exhibition brings together Bulgarian artworks from the European Parliament Art Collection, with additions from the National Gallery in Sofia.

The media of painting, photography and video art are used to emphasise the importance of good communication and synergy between the different fields connected with heritage: conservation, research, sustainability, technology and education. The artworks on display relate to these themes and include the works of Andrey Daniel, Vasilena Gankovska, Ivan Kostolov, Boris Missirkov & Georgi Bogdanov, Stanislav Pamukchiev, Iskra Blageova, Christo & Jean Claude, Ludmil Lazarov, Nikola Mihov Deyan Parouchev, Svetlana Mircheva, Adelina Popnadeleva, Georgi Rouzhev, Ivaylo Stoyanov, Rossen Toshev and Alexander Valchev.

A Bulgarian Proverb says ‘You can’t make something beautiful with force.’, with this in mind we hope that you will find some inspiration in this exhibition!

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European Parliament art collection

The EP art collection was started in 1980 on the initiative of the first President of the directly-elected European Parliament, Simone Veil. Her aim was to introduce at a European level the custom of exhibiting European works of art, as practiced by many national parliaments. The first works of art were purchased from 1982-1989. A second set of acquisitions followed from 1989-1993, while a third tranche, approved in 1997, completed the process of acquiring works from the original EU-15 countries. Following the accession of Central and Eastern European countries in 2004, 2007 and 2013, the Bureau adopted a fourth acquisition plan for the years 2006-2010, in 2010 the fifth plan for Bulgaria and Romania and in 2013 the sixth plan for Croatia which completed the collection for EU-28.

Over 30 years the European Parliament has acquired 387 representative works of modern art, with a focus on young, promising artists at the beginning of their careers. Today the collection comprises over 600 paintings, sculptures and other artworks from all EU Member States and beyond, including works of art donated or loaned by national parliaments and other institutions.

The works of art are displayed at the European Parliament's three places of work in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. In order to give everyone a chance to enjoy the collection, the European Parliament opened in December 2011 this online gallery.

For more information on the collection or particular works of art see FAQs (link) or write to

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