Abstention and voting behaviour in the 2009 European elections 

In the view of the 2014 European elections, two complementary analyses were dedicated to the electoral behaviour in the 2009 European elections.

Firstly, a desk research on the electoral behaviour in 2009. It aims at better understanding the results of the post-electoral survey of the European Parliament, of June 2009 (face-to-face with 26 830 European citizens), in which four profiles of voters and abstainers were identified.

Secondly, a qualitative study based on focus groups (3 focus groups per Member States, of a dozen participants each) that were conducted across the 27 Member States in March 2012. These were more particularly dedicated to the reasons of two categories of abstainers in 2009: the "impulsive" and "unspecified" ones.

Consequently, we draw the reader's attention on the fact that these two analyses are based on two different methodological approaches and that they are separated by a three-year time.