Europeans at one month from the elections 

This pre-electoral survey was carried out by TNS Opinion within the framework of the contract with the European Parliament as part of the invitation to tender for the "Electoral evening". In comparison to traditional EB/EP surveys also carried out by TNS Opinion for the Eurobarometer, the methodology differs: respondents aged 15 years and above have more face to face interviews for the EB/EP; respondents aged 18 years and above are interviewed by telephone in most countries, and face to face in countries where telephone coverage is not adequate for the pre-electoral survey. Therefore, the comparative results should be analysed bearing in mind these differences in methodology. However they allow us to identify the trends over a year and a half of the survey. Due to legal restrictions, the results related to Italy and Luxembourg will not be published.

What are the main lessons which can be revealed in this survey ?

  • An awareness which seems to be growing: at the beginning of May, when the survey was carried out, we note a clear increase in the intention to vote compared to the EB/EP survey of January/February, but there is no guarantee that the turnout rate will be equivalent to that of 2004: 45.47%.
  • Better awareness of the date: presently, almost half of Europeans cite June 2009 as the election date.
  • Interest in the elections is also increasing: more than half of Europeans claim to be interested in the next European elections.
  • Image of the EP: more than half of Europeans have a positive image of the Institution; this proportion is increasing since January-February 2009.
  • Campaign themes: again, unemployment and economic growth are the main issues which Europeans wish to see prioritised during this campaign. On the other hand, inflation and purchasing power which was in 3rd place during the previous two surveys is now in 5th place.