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Citizens' Enquiries (Ask EP)


If you want to find out more about the activities, powers and organisation of the European Parliament, you can contact the Citizens' Enquiries Unit (Ask EP) using the form below.

You ask, we answer

You can find a selection of recent topics of particular concern to citizens writing to the European Parliament and our respective answers.

Citizens’ questions to the European Parliament in 2016
© ottawawebdesign / Fotolia   © ottawawebdesign / Fotolia

In both European and international politics, 2016 was a memorable year, and this was reflected in over 87 000 questions put by citizens to the President of the European Parliament or to its Citizens Enquiries Unit/Ask EP unit. The most pressing issue for citizens in 2016 was how the EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights is enforced.

EU actions to combat wildlife crime
© lufeethebear   © lufeethebear

What are the EU actions to combat wildlife crime and on the import of wild animal parts into the EU? The European Parliament has, on many occasions, denounced the illicit trafficking of wild animal parts and strives to support the protection and welfare of wild animals. The European Union seeks to protect and conserve endangered species through control of trade and movement.

Wintertime: why change the clocks?
© Maxim Pavlov / Fotolia   © Maxim Pavlov / Fotolia

Citizens recurrently turn to the European Parliament with comments on the changing of the clocks. Some citizens are in favour of the summertime /wintertime arrangements; others call on the Parliament to abolish it. On Sunday 30 October clocks go back one hour, but why? In fact, twice a year the clocks in all EU Member States are switched back by one hour from summer to wintertime (on the last Sunday in October) and forward one hour from winter to summertime (on the last Sunday in March).

Fight against corruption
© Fotolia / adrian_ilie825   © Fotolia / adrian_ilie825

Citizens recurrently turn to the European Parliament to comment on various cases of alleged corruption. Furthermore, they request information on how to lodge a complaint and to ask the EU to act in the fight against corruption. Corruption remains a challenge for society as a whole and is one of the serious crimes that can have a cross-border dimension. The European Union has the right to act in the fight against corruption, according to the powers and within the limits established by the treaties.

A guide to the Sakharov Prize (2016)
© fotolia / ibreakstock   © fotolia / ibreakstock

Find out more on the procedure related to the European Parliament Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought and how its nominees are chosen. Each year the European Parliament awards the Sakharov to honour individuals or organisations for their efforts on behalf of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

EP answers

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