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Citizens' Enquiries (Ask EP)


If you want to find out more about the activities, powers and organisation of the European Parliament, you can contact the Citizens' Enquiries Unit (Ask EP) using the form below.

You ask, we answer

You can find a selection of recent topics of particular concern to citizens writing to the European Parliament and our respective answers.

Air passenger rights
© willypd / Fotolia   © willypd / Fotolia

Citizens recurrently turn to the European Parliament in order to request information about their rights as passengers. The ongoing legislative reform shall clarify certain aspects of air passenger rights, to ensure a better application of the EU law and to strike a fair balance between passenger rights and their financial cost.

Net neutrality
© Tomasz Zajda / Fotolia   © Tomasz Zajda / Fotolia

Citizens have written to the European Parliament with regard to the regulation on a European single market for electronic communications, asking in particular about the implications for net neutrality.

European citizens’ initiative
© Kamaga / Fotolia   © Kamaga / Fotolia

Citizens recurrently turn to the European Parliament in order to find out how to actively participate in the legislative process. The European citizens’ initiative (ECI), launched in April 2012, is a big step in bringing citizens closer to Europe, allowing them to participate in the democratic process.

Summertime: changing the clocks
© Fabian Petzold / Fotolia   © Fabian Petzold / Fotolia

Citizens recurrently turn to the Parliament with comments on the switch between summer and winter time. Some citizens are in favour of the summertime arrangements; others call on the Parliament to help to abolish the practice.

Patents and plant breeders’ rights
© Science photo / Fotolia   © Science photo / Fotolia

Following the decision of the European Patents Office (EPO) to authorise patents on certain products derived from conventional selection methods, many citizens have called on Parliament, as well as the Commission, to take steps in order to clarify existing EU rules and protect plant breeders' access to biological resources.

EP answers

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