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Parliament on social media


The European Parliament is the people's assembly. In keeping with this, we try not just to attract readers to our website, but to be where the people are. And people are on social media. In case you haven't found all the platforms we are active on, here's a useful guide to the European Parliament on the web.



Gathering all MEP, political group and institutional social media feeds on one easy-to-navigate platform, your feed easily customised by language, country, party, or even popular topics.



The flagship of EP social media presence: chats with Members, twice-daily updates on EU affairs, an MEP tab to find any and all Members active on social media, plus a tab for our national information offices - for news in your language.



An up-to-the-minute news service in 24 languages, bringing you articles, live streamed debates, photo galleries etc. There are specialist feeds for media professionals too.


Google +

Daily updates on Parliament's work, hangouts with Members, interesting discussions with communities, funny gifs. Discover this quickly growing community!



Ever felt that a 140 character tweet isn't enough for some topics? Take part in in-depth discussions about EU policy making on LinkedIn.



Peek behind the scenes of Parliament's daily life, our Instagram account collects many hundreds of original photographs - all copyright free and free for any person to use for non-commercial purposes, as long as you credit us.



A great source of shots of Parliament's daily life, our Flickr account collects many thousands of original photographs - all copyright free and free for any person to use for non-commercial purposes, as long as you credit us.



Find Parliament infographics here. Free to use, as long as it's for non-commercial purposes and you credit us, of course.



Watch news reports by EuroparlTV, or even funny, short, in-house home movies by the EP Facebook team.



Follow short 6 seconds videos on different Parliament's policies!



Discover our thematic playlists, share them with your friends and suggest us songs you like!



Our subreddit is dedicated to sharing information and discussing the work of the Parliament and its committees. Here you find posts including videos, infographics, studies, news, photos and more. Users' participation is strongly encouraged.


Email updates service

The European Parliament offers a free electronic subscription service that allows you to receive automatic e-mail notifications when new information is added to certain areas of our website.



Go behind the scenes of the European Parliament, get the latest news and discover how the social media team works on a daily basis. Find the Parliament under “europarl” and send your own pictures and messages to the team.


EP Media Network

This blog offers a selection of the multimedia content on the European Union at your disposal for free download and use.


Discover and freely use our multimedia content


Interactive map to the European Parliament on Twitter