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2015 parlemeter

Parlemeter 2015


The European Parliament’s Parlemeter 2015 survey was conducted by TNS opinion in the 28 EU Member States between 19 and 29 September 2015.

The survey was the subject of two separate publications. The first, published on 14 October 2015, on the eve of the European Council, was on the issue of migration and the economic and social situation.

The second dealt more specifically with the European Parliament and issues relating to attachment and belonging to the European Union, identity, citizenship, priority policies and values.

As regards the EU, it should be noted that the field survey was conducted at the height of the recent wave of migration and at a time of intensive discussions about the future of the EU, and of economic and monetary union in particular.

When looking at the results the reader should bear in mind that European averages are weighted and that the six most heavily populated Member States account for around 70% in this average.

The EP and the expectations of European citizens

The European Parliament regularly commissions surveys on public opinion in the 28 Member States.

These surveys cover a wide range of issues, focusing primarily on the European citizens' knowledge of the European Parliament, their perceptions of the EU and its main challenges, their expectations in view of the European elections, the European Parliament and the European integration in general.

The analysis of the results is meant to ensure the most complete overview of national evolutions, regional specificities, as well as socio-demographic differences and historical trends.