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Statement des Präsidenten des Europäischen Parlaments Martin Schulz zum Ausgang des Referendums im Vereinigten Königreich


Die Präsidentenkonferenz des Europäischen Parlaments, also die Fraktionsvorsitzenden im EP, hielt heute früh in Brüssel eine Sitzung zum Ausgang des Referendums im Vereinigten Königreich ab. Lesen Sie im Folgenden das Statement des Präsidenten des Europäischen Parlaments, Martin Schulz, das er nach dieser Sitzung gegeben hat.


Statement of the President of the European Parliament after the meeting of the Conference of Presidents.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Conference of the Presidents (i.e. the Chairmen and Chairwomen of the parliamentarian Groups in the EP) started the meeting at 8:00 this morning. We just finished the meeting. The Parliament has decided to meet on Tuesday morning at 10H00 in a part session of the EP in Brussels to adopt a resolution assessing the outcome of the Referendum of today and describing the next necessary steps of the European institutions especially of the European Parliament itself. In the whole process after that referendum the EP is on the basis of Article 50 of the Treaty fully involved in all the next steps and underline that therefore the EP will also play an active role in that process. The Group Leaders agreed that, in preparing for the meeting that will take place in a few minutes in the Berlaymont between the President of the Commission, the President of the European Council and the President in office of the Council of the European Union which is the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and in preparing that meeting the line of the European Parliament is quite clear: We are very sad about the decision of the voters in the UK. But it is a sovereign expression of the will of the British voters to leave the EU. This is a difficult moment for both sides, for the EU as for the UK. We have now, from a legal and from a procedural point of view to assess what are the necessary next steps. We took note about the announcement of Prime Minister Cameron just some minutes ago to step down but only in October, and it will create - for sure - a debate also in the next meeting about the content of the declaration of the British Prime Minister in the next Council on Tuesday next week and I will therefore carefully assess together with my colleagues, the Presidents of the other Institutions what does it mean for triggering Article 50.

We in the EP are prepared to contribute with all our means to a constructive process. The Group leaders that represent the overwhelming majority of the MEPs underlined that stability is needed on both sides. Stability means also stability within the European Union and amongst the 27 Member States and I want to repeat what was described in the settlement which is now null and void after the decision of the British voters: Both sides should respect mutually their different views. Now the UK decided to leave and therefore the Member States that remain in the EU must discuss how to improve the European Union, and to protect, especially the Eurozone countries, how to protect the Eurozone in the next coming months, to protect against what is happening already now with the Pound, what is already happening on the international markets. In times when we are entering turbulent times we need stability. That is what I hope will be the outcome of the next meetings of the Council, of the European Parliament, of the Commission. I think after the meeting of the four Presidents we will report to you in a more intensive way what are the next and possible steps.

Thank you.


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