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Latest news

The next meeting of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety is taking place on 3- 4 December meeting room Jozsef Antall (JAN) 4Q2
The Policy Department briefings on Commitments made by Commissioners-designate during their hearing before the ENVI Committee are now available:
Karmenu Vella - Commissioner for Environment, Maritime and Fisheries
Vytenis Andriukaitis - Commissioner for health and Food Safety
Maroš Sefčovič - Vice-President of the Commission, Commissioner for Energy Union
Miguel Arias Cañete - Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy
Bieńkowska Elżbieta - Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
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Exchange of views with Miguel Arias Cañete-Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy

On their meeting of 11th November 2014 Members of the ENVI Committee will exchange views for the first time since he took up his office on the 1st November 2014 with Miguel Arias Cañete Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy on current and future climate policy.

Briefings on Commissioners' commitments

Briefings were prepared by the Policy Departments to summarize the commitments Commissioners-designate made in their written answers to questionnaires and during their hearings before the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.
The briefings are available on the links below.

Presentation of Agencies, vote on GMOs

Five key European Agencies that fall under the ENVI competence and are responsible for implementing important legislation in the field of environment, public health and food safety (ECHA, EMA, EFSA, ECDC and EEA) will hold an event in ENVI on 10 November to present their responsibilities and their main activities.
FVO -although not an agency but a unit of the Commission (DG SANCO) - will also be presented. It carries out important tasks to ensure that EU legislation on food safety, animal health, plant health and animal welfare is properly implemented and enforced.
The vote on the draft recommendation for second reading on the possibility for Members States to restrict or prohibit the cultivation of GMOs in their territory was postponed from 5 November to 11 November.

Workshop on ETS Market Stability Report

In preparation of the legislative report on the Establishment and operation of a market stability reserve for the Union greenhouse gas emission trading scheme an expert workshop was held on 5 November. The Commission presented its proposal and experts and stakeholders had an extensive discussion on the impacts of the market stability reserve (MSR) on the functioning of the ETS.

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ENVI 11-11-2014 - 15:36  

Long-awaited draft plans to allow EU member states to restrict, or ban, the cultivation of crops containing genetically modified organisms on their own territory even if it is allowed at EU level won the support of the Environment Committee on Tuesday. MEPs voted to remove the Council-backed idea of a phase of negotiations with the GMO company, and supported plans to allow member states to ban GMO crops on environmental grounds.

ENVI 05-11-2014 - 18:11  

Talks to be held in Lima next month should enable global partners to reach an ambitious climate agreement in Paris in 2015, so as to keep the world on track for a sub-2°C climate warming scenario, said the Environment Committee in a resolution voted on Wednesday. MEPs reiterated the pledge by the EU and its member states to step up contributions to the UN Green Climate Fund so as to mobilise USD 100 billion per year by 2020, and called on other donors to play their part too.

Powers and responsibilities
Committee responsible for:
1.    environmental policy and environmental protection measures, in particular concerning:
(a)    air, soil and water pollution, waste management and recycling, dangerous substances and preparations, noise levels, climate change, protection of biodiversity,
(b)    sustainable development,
(c)    international and regional measures and agreements aimed at protecting the environment,
(d)    restoration of environmental damage,
(e)    civil protection,
(f)    the European Environment Agency,
(g)    the European Chemicals Agency;
2.    public health, in particular:
(a)    programmes and specific actions in the field of public health,
(b)    pharmaceutical and cosmetic products,
(c)    health aspects of bioterrorism,
(d)    the European Medicines Agency and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control;
3.    food safety issues, in particular:
(a)    the labelling and safety of foodstuffs,
(b)    veterinary legislation concerning protection against risks to human health; public health checks on foodstuffs and food production systems,
(c)    the European Food Safety Authority and the European Food and Veterinary Office.
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Chairman's welcome

Welcome to the ENVI Committee website.
Counting 69 Members, the ENVI Committee is the leading legislative Committee of the European Parliament.
ENVI Members are actively working on improving food information to consumers, notably through the regulation of labelling and placing of the market of products. ENVI is committed to proposing European solutions to public health issues.
It is also responsible for a wide range of policy areas including air and water pollution, waste management, or the protection of biodiversity, to name a few. Members are dedicated to promoting a resource-efficient and sustainable Europe.
The fight against climate change is at the core of the committee's work. It will be high on the agenda early in this legislature, in view of upcoming climate summits which will be critical for the adoption of an international climate agreement, expected in 2015. The cultivation of GMOs and their possible restriction or prohibition in Member States will be another area of focus at the outset of this parliamentary term.
We hope that this website will provide you with extensive insight in our work and invite you to comment on any topic which is of importance to you.