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22-05-2017 - 10:33
Next week, MEPs vote on limiting the use of GMOs, hear what Europe should do about Ebola, meet the Colombian President and bid farewell to Herman Van Rompuy.

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Brexit: MEPs want EU and UK to take care of citizens’ rights first

PETI EMPL LIBE 11-05-2017 - 18:54

The EU and the UK government should negotiate a deal on the situation and rights of citizens as a matter of urgency and before starting the other Brexit talks, MEPs say. (Seguito)


Committees again reject blacklist of states at risk of money laundering

ECON LIBE 03-05-2017 - 19:01

The EU should have an autonomous process for judging whether countries are at high-risk of money laundering, say committee MEPs after rejecting for a second time, by 61 votes to 7 with 32 abstentions, a blacklist of countries drawn up by the EU Commission. (Seguito)


Ease access to labour market for asylum-seekers to boost integration, MEPs say

LIBE 25-04-2017 - 13:30

Asylum seekers should be able to work in the EU no later than two months after applying for asylum, instead of the current nine months, said Civil Liberties Committee MEPs on Tuesday. (Seguito)


Sexual abuse and exploitation of children: committee hearing

LIBE 25-04-2017 - 11:17

MEPs will look at how EU rules to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation of children have been implemented by EU countries in a committee hearing on Tuesday afternoon. (Seguito)

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