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Next meeting of the Committee on Budgets

17-06-2015 - 16:44
BUDG committee meeting - entrance of the room


New in-depth analysis on use of EU Flexibility Instrument in the MFF 2007-2013

03-07-2015 - 12:09
In-depth analysis "Success Stories: the use of the EU flexibility instrument in the MFF 2007-2013" (Policy Department D, European Parliament)

The Flexibility Instrument is a margin for manoeuvre to meet unforeseen needs or new priorities in one or more expenditure headings. During the previous MFF (2007-2013) a total of EUR 1.4 billion was available. The decision to mobilise the Instrument is made jointly by Parliament and the European Council. This in-depth analysis looks at the results obtained from EU budget resources dedicated to the Flexibility Instrument, and Parliament's role in making such resources available.

Public hearing: The EU budget and SMEs (15 July)

03-07-2015 - 09:55
The EU Budget and SMEs

On 15 July (15.00-18.30) the Committee on Budgets will organise a public hearing on the topic of "the EU budget and SMEs". The hearing, which will be chaired by MEPs Paul Rübig (EPP) and Siegfried Muresan (EPP), will consist of two panel discussions. Speakers will focus on "EU financial support for SMEs: Lessons learnt" and "A new approach to supporting start-ups: How can the EU budget do better?"

Committee on Budgets: Annual meeting with EU agencies

03-07-2015 - 09:46
Image with blocks spelling the word "agency"

Following the adoption of the 2016 Draft Budget by the European Commission, on 15 July the Committee on Budgets is hearing the directors of EU agencies on their assessment of the agencies' budgetary needs. Decentralised agencies carry out technical, scientific or managerial tasks that help the EU institutions implement policies. The meeting comes ahead of the deadline for budgetary amendments beginning of September and provides agencies with the possibility to influence the budgetary procedure.

New study on the EU Budget for Gender Equality

26-06-2015 - 11:04
Study "The EU Budget for Gender Equality"

Report on European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) successfully adopted in BUDG and ECON committees

17-06-2015 - 16:55
Growth Survey

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България ще получи 1,98 млн. евро за справяне със щетите от наводненията

BUDG 24-06-2015 - 16:09

Комисията по бюджетите на Европейския парламент одобри 1,98 млн. евро за спешни възстановителни дейности в България, свързани с наводненията през миналата година. Финансовата помощ ще бъде предоставена от европейския фонд "Солидарност" като част от пакет от 66,5 млн. евро за трите най-засегнати страни от наводнения през 2014 г. в Европейския съюз - България, Италия и Румъния. Италия ще получи 56 млн. евро, а Румъния – 8,5 млн. евро. (Продължение)


Extra €69.6 million for migration measures approved in Budgets Committee

BUDG 23-06-2015 - 18:08

The three EU agencies managing migration flows and various EU funds dealing with migration should get a €69.6 million budget boost , said the Budgets Committee on Tuesday as it approved proposed changes to this year's European budget. The budget increases still need to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. (Продължение)


Budgets MEPs back €1.36 million in EU aid for redundant workers in Finland

BUDG 23-06-2015 - 17:44

More than 500 workers made redundant by electrical manufacturer Broadcom Communications Finland and two suppliers should get EU aid worth €1.36 million to help them find new jobs, said the Budgets Committee on Tuesday. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still needs to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the EU Council of Ministers. (Продължение)

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