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Next meeting of the Committee on Budgets:

17-02-2015 - 11:04
BUDG committee meeting - entrance of the room

- Joint meeting of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Committee on Budgets on Monday, 20 April 2015, from 16:45 to 18:30, room Jozsef Antall 2Q2, Brussels


BUDG-ECON joint meeting on 20 April: adoption of joint report on European Fund for Strategic Investments

16-04-2015 - 17:01
Money Market Funds: assessment of substantive amendments

The BUDG and ECON committees will vote on a joint report on the European Fund for Strategic Investments and seek a mandate for negotiations with the Council.

1395 amendments have been tabled by the members of the joint committee in addition to the draft report.

The vote will also include the opinions of 8 committees associated under rule 53 and 2 under rule 54.

Negotiations with Council will start on April 23 with the aim to go to plenary in June.

Monday, 20 April from 16:45-18:30, room JAN 2Q2

Commissioner Georgieva to exchange views with the BUDG committee on payment shortages

01-04-2015 - 17:23
Payment shortages

On 16 April (9.30-10.30), Ms Kristalina Georgieva, Vice-President responsible for the Budget and Human Resources, exchanged views with Members of the Committee on Budgets on the issue of payment shortages and on the reduction of the backlog of unpaid bills. She presented a first analysis by the Commission aimed at feeding into the upcoming payment plan to be agreed between the institutions.

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EU job-search aid for redundant workers at French trucking firm Mory-Ducros

BUDG 01-04-2015 - 10:42

Around 2,500 redundant workers of the former French road haulage company Mory-Ducros, which closed in 2014, should get EU aid worth €6 million to help them back into work, said Budgets Committee MEPs in a vote on Wednesday. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund aid still needs to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. (Продължение)

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Уважаеми посетители,

Добре дошли на уебсайта на комисията по бюджети на Европейския парламент, един от клоновете на европейския бюджетен орган. Със своите 41 членове и равен брой заместници комисията по бюджети обсъжда, разглежда, изменя и одобрява, съвместно със Съвета на министрите, бюджета на Съюза.

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