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Europol: MEPs endorse new powers to step up EU police counter-terrorism drive

LIBE 28-04-2016 - 15:37

The EU police agency Europol will soon be able to step up efforts to fight terrorism, cybercrime and other criminal offences and respond faster, thanks to new governance rules endorsed by Civil Liberties Committee MEPs on Thursday. The new powers come with strong data protection safeguards and democratic oversight. (Přečtěte si více)


Brussels attacks: MEPs call for an EU approach and effective data sharing

LIBE 25-04-2016 - 16:52

The EU needs a coordinated approach to fight terrorism and it is essential that member states improve information exchange in the area of security, Civil Liberties Committee MEPs agreed in a debate on the 22 March attacks in Brussels with the Belgian ministers for security and the interior, Jan Jambon, and justice, Koen Geens. (Přečtěte si více)


Fate of 10,000 missing refugee children debated in Civil Liberties Committee

LIBE 21-04-2016 - 18:06

How to protect unaccompanied minors and cooperate across borders to find missing children fast were the key issues in an emotional Civil Liberties Committee debate on Thursday about the fate of 10,000 refugee children who have gone missing in Europe. (Přečtěte si více)


Turkey must fulfil all criteria to get visa-free travel to the EU, say MEPs

LIBE 21-04-2016 - 17:59

Turkey must fulfil all the requirements laid down by the EU in order to be granted visa-free access to the Schengen area, stressed Civil Liberties Committee MEPs in Thursday’s debate on Ankara’s progress in delivering on its visa liberalisation roadmap. (Přečtěte si více)


Foreign fighters: Civil Liberties Committee debates how to tackle the phenomenon

LIBE 20-04-2016 - 14:24

Links between organised crime and terrorism, how to handle people returning from conflict zones, de-radicalisation and the need for a common definition of terrorism and means to prove terrorist intent were among the issues raised in the Civil Liberties Committee’s “foreign fighters” debate with Eurojust President Michèle Coninsx on Wednesday. On Thursday MEPs will debate plans for external border checks on EU citizens. (Přečtěte si více)


Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs - meeting 21/04/2016 (AM)

LIBE 15-04-2016 - 12:31

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs - meeting 21/04/2016 (AM) (Přečtěte si více)


EU - Turkey migration deal: Civil Liberties MEPs push for answers

LIBE 07-04-2016 - 12:23

Civil Liberties MEPs quizzed the Commission on the conditions in the Greek reception facilities, the number and background of staff carrying out asylum interviews, returns and conditions for refugees in Turkey during this morning's debate on the EU-Turkey migration deal. MEPs also stressed the need to respect international law and live up to EU standards. (Přečtěte si více)


EU-US “Privacy Shield”: MEPs to examine new deal on transatlantic data transfers

LIBE 17-03-2016 - 10:07

The new “Privacy Shield” framework on EU-US transfers of personal data by private firms, which is to replace the former "Safe Harbour" one, will be debated by Civil Liberties Committee MEPs in a hearing on Thursday afternoon. Austrian citizen Max Schrems, whose court case against facebook led to Safe Harbour's downfall, the US lead negotiator, the EU Data Protection Supervisor, representatives from the Article 29 Working Party, the European Commission and others will all be quizzed on the deal. (Přečtěte si více)


MEPs want EU embassies and consulates to grant asylum seekers humanitarian visas

LIBE 16-03-2016 - 16:11

To dissuade refugees from putting their lives at risk by entrusting them to people smugglers, EU consulates and embassies should be allowed to issue humanitarian visas to persons seeking international protection, said Civil Liberties Committee MEPs voting on an update of the EU Visa Code on Wednesday. These visas would enable holders to enter the country issuing the visa in order to apply for asylum. (Přečtěte si více)


Poslanci navrhují centralizovaný systém pro azylová řízení a také národní kvóty

LIBE 16-03-2016 - 12:29

Azylový systém v Evropě se dosud nebyl schopný vypořádat s rostoucím počtem migrantů a proto je podle středečního usnesení poslanců výboru pro občanské svobody potřeba radikálně přepracovat takzvaná dublinská pravidla. Poslanci navrhují vytvořit centrální systém pro sběr a přidělování žádostí o azyl. Zahrnoval by kvóty pro každý členský stát EU a odvíjel by se od „hotspotů“, ze kterých by byli uprchlíci distribuováni. (Přečtěte si více)