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  NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0035/2019 by Evangelos Tsiompanidis (Greek) on an alleged plan for the “retirement” of sheep and goats in Greece against a large subsidy

15-10-2019 PETI_CM(2019)641196 PE641.196v01-00


  NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0044/2019 by Nayra Caraballero Pérez (Spanish) on marine discharges from the Güímar industrial estate in the Canary Islands

15-10-2019 PETI_CM(2019)641197 PE641.197v01-00


  NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0069/2019 by Gyunay Mehmed (Bulgarian) on the reduced daily rest period for truck drivers provided by the Mobility Package

15-10-2019 PETI_CM(2019)641198 PE641.198v01-00


  NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0145/2019 by Ismael Antonio López Pérez (Spanish) on behalf of the ‘Petón do Lobo’ Environmental Association, requesting information on a review of the loan granted by the EIB to the company Greenalia Biomass Power Curtis-Teixeiro (La Coruña, Galicia)

15-10-2019 PETI_CM(2019)641199 PE641.199v01-00


  AMENDMENTS 1 - 98 - Draft report Activities of the European Ombudsman - annual report 2018

15-10-2019 PETI_AM(2019)641268 PE641.268v02-00

Peter JAHR

  NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0202/2019 by W.D. (German) on discrimination against German citizens in connection with Directive 2004/38/EC on freedom of movement

09-10-2019 PETI_CM(2019)641349 PE641.349v01-00


  NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0225/2019 by Maarit Nermes (Finnish) on stopping the sale of health care and other personal information of Finnish citizens without consent

09-10-2019 PETI_CM(2019)641350 PE641.350v01-00


  NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0240/2019 by Marios Achelleos (Cypriot) on EU financing for Christian churches in the northern part of Cyprus

09-10-2019 PETI_CM(2019)641351 PE641.351v01-00


  NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0274/2019 by T. H. (Finnish) on the taxation of electric car charging in Finland

09-10-2019 PETI_CM(2019)641352 PE641.352v01-00


  NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0560/2019 by Timothée Galvaire (French) on behalf of Fairosene on the introduction of a tax on aviation fuel (kerosene) for flights within the Union

09-10-2019 PETI_CM(2019)641353 PE641.353v01-00