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The next Committee Meeting will be held on Monday 6 October 2014 (15.00 - 18.30) and Tuesday 7 October (09.00 - 12.30) in JAN 6Q2. The draft agenda will be available soon. 
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Conclusions of the studies on consumer protection & discrimination of consumers

The conclusions and subsequent nine recommendations of a study related to consumer protection aspects of financial services will be presented by its authors from London Economics to Members of the IMCO Committee during their meeting of 6 October. At the same meeting, a research team from Osnabrück University will present a study on discrimination of consumers in the Digital Single Market, which assesses discrimination from the perspective of different areas of European law and provides for several policy recommendations.

EU Commissioners-designate hearings

Between 29 September and 6 October, IMCO will be involved in hearings with the Commissioner-designates who will be dealing with policy in IMCO's remit:
- Andrus ANSIP (Estonia), Vice-President-Designate of the Commission for Digital Single Market,
- Elżbieta BIEŃKOWSKA (Poland) for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs,
- Pierre MOSCOVICI (France) for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs,
- Günther OETTINGER (Germany) for Digital Economy and Society,
- Vĕra JOUROVÁ (Czech Republic) Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality.
IMCO is also invited to the hearing of Jonathan HILL (UK) for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union and Margarethe VESTAGER, (Denmark) for Competition.
Each hearing is scheduled to last three hours, during which the commissioner-designate will hold an opening speech and then answer questions posed by committee members.

Presentation of the Italian presidency programme on 24/09

IMCO heard presentations by Ms Simona Vicari (Secretary of State for Economic Development) and Mr Sandro Gozi (Secretary of State for European affairs) on the priorities of the Italian Presidency.
Ms Vicari set out the main lines of action and priorities in the fields of consumer protection and standardisation. The Italian Presidency (IP) aims at starting negotiations with the Parliament on the product safety and market surveillance package. Furthermore, the IP is in favour of a comprehensive reinforcement of the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network. Ms Vicari informed that work on the Package Travel Directive is progressing in the Council. In the field of technical harmonisation, the IP will seek an early second reading agreement on e-Call. On registration of vehicles, it is awaiting a study requested from the Commission on possible effects of the new rules on national taxation systems. Finally, on cableway installations, personal protective equipment and appliances burning gaseous fuels, the aim is to reach common approach within the Council, to allow the Latvian Presidency to enter into negotiations with Parliament.
Mr Gozi reported about three major themes for the IP: revising working methods of the Competitiveness Council, for instance by improving connections with other Council formations; removing barriers to the internal market in a follow-up to the two Single Market Acts and in completing the Digital Single Market; and furthering consumer protection and cohesion between employers and industry, helped by the additional investment package of 300 billion euros envisaged by Commission.

Study: indicators for measuring the Performance of the Single Market

The IMCO Committee heard a presentation of the study recently commissioned by the Committee in the area of Single Market policy. The study on Indicators for measuring the Performance of the Single Market – Building the Single Market Pillar of the European Semester analyses the possibility of defining a monitoring tool and evaluation system to measure the economic and regulatory performance of the Single Market, with a view to making use of these tools in the context of the European Semester. The study concludes that an integrated measurement system can be devised to perform this function. With respect to regulatory indicators, it proposes using a “Single Market Gap” composite indicator which would measure in what Member States and to what extent non-national EU citizens/companies face additional burdens compared to nationals. Such an indicator could be easily used for policy recommendations addressed to Member States during the European Semester.

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"The priorities of the Italian Council Presidency were outlined to the various parliamentary committees by Italian ministers in a series of meetings held in July and September."

Præsentation og kompetencer
Dette udvalgs sagsområde omfatter:
1. koordinering på EU-plan af national lovgivning vedrørende det indre marked og toldunionen, særlig:
a) fri varebevægelser, herunder harmonisering af tekniske standarder
b) etableringsretten
c) fri udveksling af tjenesteydelser, bortset fra finansielle tjenesteydelser og posttjenester
2. det indre markeds funktion, herunder foranstaltninger med henblik på at identificere og fjerne potentielle hindringer for gennemførelsen af det indre marked, herunder det digitale indre marked
3. fremme og beskyttelse af forbrugernes økonomiske interesser, dog med undtagelse af spørgsmål vedrørende folkesundhed og fødevaresikkerhed
4. politik og lovgivning vedrørende håndhævelse af regler om det indre marked og forbrugerrettigheder.
Dagens transmissioner

IMCO udvalget er ansvarligt for lovgivningsmæssig overvågning og kontrol, hvad angår EU-regler om fri bevægelighed for varer og tjenesteydelser, fri bevægelighed for erhvervsudøvere, toldpolitik, standardisering og forbrugernes økonomiske interesser.  Udvalgsmedlemmerne arbejder for at nedbringe økonomiske handelshindringer og forenkle lovgivningen for at øge konkurrenceevnen overalt på det indre marked, idet de samtidig varetager forbrugernes interesser på en lang række områder.

De kan følge udvalgets arbejde på denne hjemmeside, som bl.a. giver adgang til dagsordener, mødedokumenter, oplysninger om høringer/workshops, videostreaming og vores nyhedsbrev.

Et velfungerende indre marked er nøglen til skabelse af velstand, innovation og større konkurrenceevne, som gavner virksomheder og forbrugere.  Vi vil støde på mange udfordringer og muligheder, især frigørelsen af det potentiale, der ligger i det indre marked på det digitale område og det indre marked for tjenesteydelser. 
Vores opgave er at garantere sikre produkter, beskytte forbrugerrettighederne, holde forbrugerne underrettet om produkter/tjenesteydelser, slå ned på konkurrencefjendtlig adfærd og nedbringe administrative byrder.

Udvalget samarbejder med alle EU-medlemsstater om at sikre, at reglerne for det indre marked er praktisk gennemførlige, overholdes fuldt ud og håndhæves rettidigt.

Det er et privilegium at være formand for dette udvalg og samarbejde med medlemmer på tværs af det politiske spektrum om at skabe virkelige fordele for forbrugere, virksomheder og andre organisationer på hele det indre marked.

Vicky Ford