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13-01-2015 - 11:58


Exchange of views with the Luxembourg Presidency

03-07-2015 - 14:31
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Seafarers Directive in plenary

03-07-2015 - 14:29

After the adoption of the outcome of negotiations with the Council in EMPL Committee, the report on the Seafarers Directive will be discussed and voted in Plenary on 7 and 8 July. Pending the result of the vote, the Directive will put an end to the exclusion of seafaring workers from five existing Directives protecting the rights of workers in the European Union. Procedure 2013/0390(COD).

Exchange of views with Commissioners

18-06-2015 - 15:49
European Commission

EURES vote in EMPL

15-06-2015 - 16:40

Employment Conditions in the International Road Haulage Sector

15-06-2015 - 15:23
Road Haulage sector

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Country-specific recommendations need national owners and social partners

ECON EMPL 23-06-2015 - 17:56

The EU’s country-specific recommendations (CSRs) on economic policy should aim more at boosting growth and jobs and EU countries should feel that they “own” them. Moreover, the social partners must be involved in the process too, said MEPs in Tuesday’s debate with Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis and Commissioners Marianne Thyssen and Pierre Moscovici. The event was jointly organised by the Economic and Monetary Affairs and Employment and Social Affairs committees. (Læs mere)

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Chair EMPL Committee

Velkommen til webstedet for Udvalget om Beskæftigelse og Sociale Anliggender (EMPL‑udvalget), som jeg er formand for.

EMPL‑udvalget er primært ansvarligt for beskæftigelsespolitikker og alle aspekter af socialpolitik, arbejdsvilkår, erhvervsuddannelse og den frie bevægelighed for arbejdstagere og pensionister.

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Vurdering af Europa-Parlamentets muligheder med hensyn til politik for videnskab og teknologi