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Discharge procedure: how Parliament scrutinises the EU budget

04-05-2015 - 13:31
Vote on the EU budget discharge ©BELGA/BELPRESS/P.Clement

MEPs scrutinise how money has been spent by the European Commission and the other EU institutions and agencies in a procedure known as discharge. Over the years, the procedure has become a very important tool to check how public funds have been spent and EU projects carried out. (Fortsetzung lesen)

Protection of financial interests

18-12-2014 - 15:20
Protection of financial interests

Fraud and illegal activities damaging the Union's policies have impact in the Union's budget. To ensure an effective protection of the financial interests of the Union, this proposal for a Directive brings forward convergent practices among all the EU member states. The overall objective of the proposal is to combat fraud and other fraud-related forms of illegal behaviour through which the EU budget is damaged. (Fortsetzung lesen)

OLAF - Establishment of a Controller for procedural guarantees

23-10-2014 - 10:31
Magnifying glass on documents

Commission's proposal for a Regulation amending the Regulation n° 883/2013, on the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), as regards the establishment of a Controller for procedural guarantees. (Fortsetzung lesen)

Tobacco Agreements

23-06-2014 - 12:05
cigarette in handcuffs

The Agreements with the main tobacco manufacturers aim at ensuring that cigarettes are sold, distributed, stored and shipped in such a way as to minimise the risk of cigarettes finding their way into illicit channels. (Fortsetzung lesen)