Ein Ausschuss ist berechtigt, eine Anhörung mit Sachverständigen zu veranstalten, wenn dies für seine Arbeit zu einem bestimmten Thema als unerlässlich erachtet wird. Anhörungen können auch von mehreren Ausschüssen gemeinsam abgehalten werden. Die meisten Ausschüsse organisieren regelmäßig Anhörungen, da sie es ihnen ermöglichen, sich zu wichtigen Themen von Sachverständigen beraten zu lassen und diese zu erörtern. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie alle verfügbaren Informationen zu den Anhörungen in den Ausschüssen einschließlich Programme, Aushänge und Redebeiträge.

27-02-2018 - Public Hearing on the Review of the European System of Financial Supervision

ECON 14-02-2018 - 10:04
ESFS hearing

On 27 February 2018 from 9.00 to 11.00 the ECON Committee is organising a Public Hearing on the Review of the European System of Financial Supervision. (Fortsetzung lesen)

21-02-2018 - Hearing: European Citizens' Initiative - Revision of Reg. 211/2011

AFCO PETI 16-02-2018 - 13:57
mass of people in shape of an arrow

Together with AFCO, PETI will hold a public hearing on the European Citizens’ Initiative and the Commission’s legislative proposal for the revision of the ECI Regulation (Reg. (EU) No 211/2011). Members will listen to a diversity of stakeholders and experts, including NGOs, academia, the European Commission, the European Ombudsman, as well as representatives from the citizen committees of the previous ECIs ‘Right2Water’ and ‘Minority Safepack’. (Fortsetzung lesen)

21-02-2018 - Public hearing on Sustainable Finance

ECON 16-02-2018 - 10:45
Public hearing on sustainable finance

On Wednesday 21 February at 14h30 the ECON Committee will hear experts on the subject of sustainable finance. (Fortsetzung lesen)

21-02-2018 - Public hearing on the Revision of the Gas Directive

ITRE 08-02-2018 - 09:19
Gas tubes running in the direction of the setting sun pipeline

On 21 February 2018, the ITRE Committee will hold a public hearing on the revision of the gas directive. (Fortsetzung lesen)

21-02-2018 - Hearing on "Collective redress in the EU: the state of play and next steps"

JURI 15-02-2018 - 16:39
in the upper third of the poster is the logo of the Parliament, the date and timing of the hearing; below is the title of the hearing and the photo of books and scales

The Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) will hold a public hearing on ‘Collective redress in the EU: the state of play and next steps' in Brussels, on 21 February 2018, from 11-12:30. The hearing assembles Members of the European Parliament, Commission representatives, stakeholders and an academic with a view to discussing the recently published Commission report on the implementation of the 2013 Recommendation on common principles for injunctive and compensatory collective redress mechanisms in (Fortsetzung lesen)

21-02-2018 - Hearing on Work-Life Balance

EMPL 13-02-2018 - 09:21
Two hands holding a wood balance "work" and "life"

On 21 February, the EMPL Committee will hold a public hearing on the Commission proposal on work-life balance for parents and carers, which will feed into the preparation of the related legislative draft report by rapporteur David Casa (EPP, MT). The Commission proposal was presented in the overall framework of the European Pillar of Social Rights and aims to address women’s underrepresentation in the labour market through higher minimum standards for parental, paternity and carer’s leave. (Fortsetzung lesen)

20-02-2018 - Hearing on the future of the Schengen area - 20.2.18

LIBE 05-02-2018 - 16:54
LIBE Hearing on the future of the Schengen area: internal management and governance, information systems and territorial scope

The area of free movement without internal border controls is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of the European integration process. The possibility to travel within the Schengen area without being subject to border controls is highly valued by European citizens. (Fortsetzung lesen)

20-02-2018 - Hearing on the impact of Brexit on maritime transport

TRAN 13-02-2018 - 12:49
Text 'The impact of Brexit on maritime transport' and containership seen from above

Third in a series of the hearings about "impact of Brexit on transport', this hearing will focus on the maritime sector, including shipping companies and ports. As the negotiations between the UK and the EU enter their second, sector-specific stage, the Members will question their guests about their concerns, projections and wishes concerning the negotiations and legal and practical consequences of the UK leaving the EU. (Fortsetzung lesen)

20-02-2018 - Mini-hearing on rail passenger rights

TRAN 05-02-2018 - 10:49
Rail passengers on train platform

In the context of the legislative procedure on the Commission’s proposal for a regulation on rail passengers’ rights and obligations (recast), the TRAN committee will invite representatives of users’ associations, railway undertakings, railway associations and regulatory bodies to share their views on the Commission's proposal. The following debate with Members will serve as documentation for the work of the TRAN Commission. (Fortsetzung lesen)

19-02-2018 - Education and training: using EU aid to support youth

DEVE 12-02-2018 - 10:02
Students line up to wash their hands before eating at Kanda Estate Primary School in Accra, Ghana

On Monday 19th February 16:00-18:30 (PHS 5B001) the DEVE Committee will hold a public hearing on "Education and training: using EU aid to support youth". The hearing will count with the participation of representatives of UNESCO, UNICEF, the World Bank, the German Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ), the European Commission and NGO representatives and will be moderated by Bogdan Brunon Wenta and Vincent Peillon. (Fortsetzung lesen)