Ein Ausschuss ist berechtigt, eine Anhörung mit Sachverständigen zu veranstalten, wenn dies für seine Arbeit zu einem bestimmten Thema als unerlässlich erachtet wird. Anhörungen können auch von mehreren Ausschüssen gemeinsam abgehalten werden. Die meisten Ausschüsse organisieren regelmäßig Anhörungen, da sie es ihnen ermöglichen, sich zu wichtigen Themen von Sachverständigen beraten zu lassen und diese zu erörtern. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie alle verfügbaren Informationen zu den Anhörungen in den Ausschüssen einschließlich Programme, Aushänge und Redebeiträge.

23-09-2015 - Hearing on re-shoring Europe - bringing jobs back to Europe

Off-shoring used to be a frequently used term throughout the EU - with company after company shifting its production and services to lower cost countries. But now there are signs that the opposite is happening as businesses bring back production and services to Europe, in a process some are calling "re-shoring". The aim of the hearing was to hear the views of experts representing the ILO, business and workers’ federations about the potential of re-shoring for the EU labour market. (Fortsetzung lesen)

22-09-2015 - Hearing on the International Day against the Death Penalty

Hearing on the International Day against the Death Penalty

DROI will hold a hearing on the International Day against the Death Penalty on 22 September to highlight the annual observance of the International Day against the Death Penalty on 10 October. The main objective of the hearing is to assess the current global trends with regard to the application of the death penalty across the world. (Fortsetzung lesen)

22-09-2015 - Hearing on Multispecies Management Plans for Fisheries

Multispecies management plans for fisheries

Multispecies management plans for fisheries Plans de gestion multi-espèces pour la pêche

This hearing discussed Multispecies Management Plans for Fisheries - the core long-term management instrument in the Common Fisheries Policy. The first Panel was on putting in place the landing obligation and technical measures through delegated acts in the Baltic Sea and in other waters. The second Panel discussed the lessons learned for the development of Plans for the North Sea and other waters. (Fortsetzung lesen)

15-09-2015 - Hearing on the Territorial implementation of the CAP


The hearing was held under the Presidency of Mr Siekierski, and the leadership of Mr Dantin. It allowed high representatives of various regions from different Member States to detail how they implement locally the second pillar of the CAP and have the ambition to present a pragmatic and concrete follow-up of the CAP reform. (Fortsetzung lesen)

15-09-2015 - Intercultural dialogue and education for mutual understanding


The main purpose of the hearing was to debate issues relating to cultural diversity in Europe, with particular emphasis on intercultural dialogue and the role of education in paving the way to mutual understanding. In times of upheaval and misunderstanding, the promotion of respect and dialogue between peoples is indispensable for social cohesion, the vitality of civil society and peace. (Fortsetzung lesen)

15-09-2015 - Empowering Women in the Digital Age

Empowering Women in the digital Age

The Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality will hold a public hearing with experts in order to discuss the different aspects related to the empowerment of women in the digital age. They will also look at the challenges to be faced and the potential concrete action that could or should be taken at European level. This hearing is meant to serve as an input for drafting a non-legislative report on the same topic. The hearing will take place on 15.09.15 (Fortsetzung lesen)

15-07-2015 - Public hearing "The EU budget and SMEs"

The EU budget and SMEs

On 15 July the Committee on Budgets will organise a public hearing on the topic of "the EU budget and SMEs". The hearing, which will be chaired by MEPs Paul Rübig (EPP) and Siegfried Muresan (EPP), will consist of two panel discussions. (Fortsetzung lesen)

14-07-2015 - Ukraine and the frozen conflicts in Moldova and Georgia

Security in Association Agreement countries: Ukraine and the frozen conflicts in Moldova and Georgia (Fortsetzung lesen)

14-07-2015 - Arms export controls

Public hearing "Arms export controls" (Fortsetzung lesen)