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The modernisation of public procurement - COD

IMCO 08-02-2016 - 11:54
Marc Tarabella © European Union

The IMCO Committee has considered the Commission's proposals for a modernisation of the EU public procurement rules (rapporteur: Marc Tarabella, S&D). This included the revision of Directive 2004/18/EC ("Classic Directive") on procurement by public authorities, and of Directive 2004/17/EC on procurement by entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors ("Utilities Directive"), as well as a new instrument for the award of concessions contracts.

This was complemented by the adoption of a Directive on electronic invoices in public procurement(e-invoincing), and an international procurement instrument (IPI)on access to/from third country procurement markets, conducted jointly by IMCO and INTA. Public procurement is the process used by government institutions, public sector organisations and certain undertakings in the utilities sectors to buy supplies, services and public works. Such expenditure is a significant/influential component of the economy. The reform aimed to make the existing rules more flexible and easier to apply, to enable a greater strategic use of public purchasing power (to achieve green, social and innovation-related objectives) and to increase the use of new procurement techniques and tools such as joint buying and e-procurement. The basic challenges had already been debated in 2 IMCO own-INI reports (rap.: H. Rühle, Greens), adopted in plenary in 2010 and 2011 in response to the EC Green paper consultation.


    EP resolution of 15 January 2014 (Classic directive)
    EP resolution of 15 January 2014 (Utilities directive)
    Press release

Consolidated texts of the agreement

    Classical Directive
    Utilities Directive
    Utilities Directive: corrigendum

Four-column document

    Four-column Classic Directive
    Four-column Utilities Directive

Press release

    Procurement Package: Internal Market MEPs vote to open up negotiations with MS

Final reports

    Final report Utilities Directive
    Final report Classic Directive - revised version


    Timetable 21/11/2012

Working Document

    Working Document II (Shadows work plan)

Official documents Classic Directive

    Draft Report Classic Directive EN
    Draft Report Classic Directive FR
    Draft Report Classic Directive DE
    Amendments - Classic Directive - Vol I - cross language
    Amendments - Classic - Vol II - cross language
    Amendments - Classic - Vol III - cross language
    Amendments - Classic - Vol IV - cross language
    Amendments - Classic - Vol V - cross language
    Amendments - Classic Directive - Vol I - EN
    Amendments - Classic Directive - Vol II - EN
    Amendments - Classic Directive - Vol III - EN
    Amendments - Classic Directive - Vol IV - EN
    Amendments - Classic Directive - Vol V - EN

Official documents Utilities Directive

    Draft Report Utilities Directive EN
    Draft Report Utilities Directive FR
    Draft Report Utilities Directive DE
    Amendments - Utilities Directive - Vol I
    Amendments - Utilities Directive - Vol II
    Amendments - Utilities Directive - Vol III

E-procurement conference - challenges and opportunities

    Conference practical information
    Vosgelis eprocurement - by Regis Courroy
    Opening SME Opportunities through eProcurement - by Scott Bell
    eTendering in Germany on federal level - by Vergabe
    Estonia's experience in e-procurement - by Agris Peedu
    e-procurement landscape in the EU - by Gabriella Cattaneo
    e-procurement implementation in a utility company - by Milos Olejnik
    e-Procurement Golden book of Good Practice - by Floris Ampe
    e-Procurement experience in Korea - by Ho In Kang
    e-Procurement - by Robert Hunja
    BMS presentation - by Franck Roze

Presentation of e-procurement platforms to commissioner Barnier and EP members

    Programme of the event
    Presentation by C. Schmidt - eTendering in Germany on federal level
    Presentation by G.Roulland - The French Public Procurement Platform

Public hearing on Modernising EU Public Procurement rules

    Presentation by David De Roy
    Presentation by Ph.D. Albano - Consip S.p.A.
    Janet Meissner Pritchard - ClientEarth
    Position paper by ETUC
    Presentation by Jakob Scharff - Danish Chamber of Commerce
    Position Paper by ClientEarth
    Position paper by CEMR
    Speech by Angelika Poth-Mögele - CEMR
    Presentation by Christophe Veys - IWT
    Presentation by ANCP - Government of Portugal
    Notice to Members

IMCO documents

    Committee draft report - EN
    Committee draft report - FR
    IMCO Working document Public Procurement EN
    IMCO Working document Public Procurement FR
    IMCO Working document Public Procurement DE

European Commission documents

    Presentation on International Procurement Instrument
    Strategy communication on electronic public procurement
    Presentation of the Impact assessment
    Proposal by the European Commission
    Impact assessment
    Impact assessment - Summary

EP resolutions

    Modernisation of public procurement (25 October 2011)
    New developments in public procurement (18 May 2010)