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Next meeting of the Committee on Budgets

The next BUDG Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday, 3 December & Thursday, 4 December in Brussels.

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New Draft Budget for 2015

Following the failure of the conciliation procedure on the 2015 EU budget and various pending amending budgets for the current year, the Committee on Budgets at its meeting of 3/4 December will examine the new Draft Budget presented by the Commission on 28 November.

Commitments made at the hearing of Commissioner-designate Kristalina Georgieva

The briefing on the commitments made at the hearing of Kristalina Georgieva, Vice-President of the Commission, Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, is now available here.

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BUDG 20-11-2014 - 12:22  

The EU should provide aid worth €2.35 million to help find or create new jobs for workers made redundant by shipbuilders STX Finland Oy and the GAD abattoir in France, the Budgets Committee recommended on Thursday. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still has to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers.

BUDG 18-11-2014 - 00:21  

Parliament wants to reduce the growing pile of unpaid bills, while Council’s proposal, revealed on the very last day of the budget talks, only aggravates the payment crisis, said Budgets Committee MEPs after conciliation talks between member states and the Parliament broke down on Monday night. The Commission will now present a new draft budget.

BUDG 14-11-2014 - 20:57  

The European Parliament deplores the fact that, almost at the end of the 21-day conciliation period, the Council is still ignoring the urgent need to deliver a budget for the EU and is instead completely preoccupied with its own disputes over the member states’ GNI contributions for 2014. Parliament will give the Council extra time to come up with its stance and will resume talks on deadline day on Monday 17 November.

BUDG 11-11-2014 - 18:25  

Giving the European Union a budget must take priority over redistributing resources to EU member states, said Budgets Committee MEPs on Tuesday, after a third fruitless effort to engage the Council of Ministers in budgetary negotiations within the official deadline. MEPs want the most urgent bills for 2014 to be settled before discussing the 2015 budget, but the Council has yet to agree even on the first budget top up, proposed by the European Commission as long ago as May.

BUDG 04-11-2014 - 12:26  

The EU should make available aid worth €8.8 million to help find or create new jobs for workers made redundant by fashion retailer Sprider Stores in Greece and jewellery maker Andersen Ireland Limited in Ireland, recommended the Budgets Committee on Tuesday. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still has to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers.

Presentation and competencies
Committee responsible for:
1.    the multiannual financial framework of the Union’s revenue and expenditure and the Union’s system of own resources;
2.    Parliament’s budgetary prerogatives, namely the budget of the Union as well as the negotiation and implementation of interinstitutional agreements in this field;
3.    Parliament’s estimates according to the procedure defined in the Rules;
4.    the budget of the decentralised bodies;
5.    the financial activities of the European Investment Bank which are not part of European economic governance;
6.    the budgetisation of the European Development Fund, without prejudice to the powers of the committee responsible for the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement;
7.    financial implications and compatibility with the multiannual financial framework of all Union acts, without prejudice to the powers of the relevant committees;
8.    keeping track of and assessing the implementation of the current budget notwithstanding Rule 95(1), transfers of appropriations, procedures relating to      the establishment plans, administrative appropriations and opinions concerning buildings-related projects with significant financial implications;
9.    the Financial Regulation, excluding matters relating to the implementation, management and control of the budget.
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Welcome to the website of the Committee on Budgets in the European Parliament, which is one of the two arms of the EU budget authority, the other being the Council. The committee, which has 41 full members and an equal number of substitute members, discusses, amends and adopts the Union budget together with the Council.
The primary function of the EU Member States’ parliaments, alongside law-making, has always been to approve taxation. In contrast, the European Union cannot raise taxes, as this is a prerogative that remains within the remit of the Member States and will continue to do so until such time as the EU is given its own resources. The EU does, however, have a budget with which to fund European policies and run the European institutions.
I intend to devote all my energy, experience and know-how to making the EU budget a genuine driving force for growth and jobs. With this in mind, I am determined to ensure that the opportunity which the mid-term review of the multiannual financial framework provides for a thorough renegotiation of that framework with the Council is seized. We will also be addressing a number of other important issues, including the budget for the euro zone, the introduction of a genuine own-resources system and the long-standing problem of outstanding commitments. The Committee on Budgets intends to do everything within its power to give the EU a new impetus and a new meaning.
With my very best wishes,
Jean Arthuis