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The mandate of the CRIS Committee has elapsed on 31 July 2011

The compendium documents the work of the CRIS Committee between the adoption of its mandate on 7 October 2009 and the plenary vote on the final report on 6 July 2011.

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Responsibilities of  the Committee :
  1. to analyse and evaluate the extent of the financial, economic and social crisis, its impact on the Union and its Member States, and the state of world governance, to propose appropriate measures for the long-term reconstruction of sound, stable financial markets able to support sustainable growth, social cohesion and employment at all levels, and to provide an assessment of the effect of those measures and the cost of inaction; 
  2. to analyse and evaluate the current implementation of Community legislation in all the areas concerned and the coordination of the measures taken by the Member States to support sustainable qualitative growth and long-term investment, with a view to combating unemployment and responding to demographic and climate challenges, while complying with the subsidiarity principle;  
  3. with this end in view, to establish the necessary contacts and hold hearings with the European Union institutions, national, European and international institutions and forums, the national parliaments and governments of the Member States and of third countries, and representatives of the scientific community, business and civil society, including the social partners, in close collaboration with the standing committees; 
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In the first year of its mandate, the CRIS Committee focused on analyzing the causes and consequences of the crisis, the costs of inaction, and possible ways to overcome the crisis and to prevent a repeat.
Through numerous events including public hearings and workshops, exchanges of views, discussions on thematic papers, delegation visits, and sound investigative and analytical work, CRIS has sought not only to identify key areas for more coordinated action but also to issue concrete political recommendations.
These political recommendations are contained in the CRIS resolution, adopted in Plenary on October 2010.
The work of the committee in the second year will concentrate on an intensive dialogue with national parliaments with the aim of getting feedback on the interim report and to ensure that the concrete policy recommendations of the final report will enjoy the support of national parliaments in the EU.
This website is an important part of keeping you up to date with this ongoing work.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the secretariat for further questions and enquiries.
Thank you for visiting the CRIS Committee website.

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