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Constitutive Meeting elects Linda McAvan as DEVE Chair

On 7 July the newly constituted Committee on Development (DEVE) elected Linda McAvan (Socialists and Democrats, UK) as Chair by acclamation. In addition to the Chair, the committee Bureau will be composed of Maurice Ponga (EPP, France) as 1st Vice Chair, Paavo Väyrynen (ALDE, Finland) as 2nd Vice Chair as well as Kostas Chrysogonos (GUE, Greece) and Nirj Deva (ECR, UK) as 3rd and 4th Vice Chair respectively. The first business meeting of the committee will take place 22 July.

DEVE meeting 22 July: Italian Presidency, Budget 2015, European Year for Development

In its meeting on 22 July (15:00-18:30 CET), the Committee on Development (DEVE) will examine the budget lines for development and humanitarian aid as proposed by Council and Commission for the 2015 EU Budget. MEPs will exchange with the Italian Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Lapo Pistelli (photo), on its priorities and discuss major trends and issues in EU development policy with the responsible Director General of the Commission (DG DEVCO) and the Chief Operating Officer of the European External Action Service. Finally Members will hear about and discuss preparations for 2015 as the European Year for Development.

2013/2014 Legislation negotiated by the Development Committee

Over the last few months of the 7th parliamentary term the Committee on Development has prepared and negotiated several legal acts:
The Development Cooperation Instrument (2014-2020) was adopted in December after long and sometimes difficult negotiations with Council and Commission.
Negotiations on the establishment of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative were concluded in December and the Regulation adopted in plenary 25 February.
Finally, a decision to declare 2015 the European Year for Development was agreed between Council and Parliament in early February and adopted by plenary and signed in April (photo).
The three legal acts have all been published in the Official Journal and can be consulted in all languages via the links below.

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After the election of a President, Vice-Presidents and Quaestors of the European Parliament in Strasbourg last week, parliamentary committees convened on Monday in Brussels to elect chairpersons and their deputies for next two and a half years.

Committee responsible for:
1. the promotion, implementation and monitoring of the development and cooperation policy of the Union, notably:
(a) political dialogue with developing countries, bilaterally and in the relevant international organisations and interparliamentary fora,
(b) aid to, and cooperation agreements with, developing countries, notably oversight of effective aid funding and evaluation of output, including in relation to poverty eradication,
(c) monitoring of the relationship between the policies of the Member States and those implemented at Union level,
(d) promotion of democratic values, good governance and human rights in developing countries,
(e) the implementation, monitoring and advancement of policy coherence with regard to development policy;
2. all legislation, programming and scrutiny of actions carried out under the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI), the European Development Fund (EDF) – in close cooperation with national parliaments – and the Humanitarian Aid Instrument, as well as all matters related to humanitarian aid in developing countries and the policy underpinning them;
3. matters relating to the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement and relations with the relevant bodies;
4. matters relating to Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs);
5. Parliament’s involvement in election observation missions, when appropriate in cooperation with other relevant committees and delegations.
The committee coordinates the work of the interparliamentary delegations and ad hoc delegations falling within its remit.
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