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World Refugee Day: "EU must honour its responsibilities towards the most vulnerable"

20-06-2016 - 14:38
Refugees in Souther Africa


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Aid money is to foster development and not to stop refugees, MEPs warn

DEVE 21-06-2016 - 15:47

Development funds must be devoted to economic and social progress and should not be used to stem the flows of migrants and asylum seekers - development MEPs warn in a non-binding resolution on the EU Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF), adopted Tuesday. The Commission needs to ensure greater democratic scrutiny and member states must live up to their financial commitments, they add. (Read more)

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Welcome to the website of the Committee on Development (DEVE). I have had the honour of being Chair of the committee since July 2014.

Nearly a billion people around the world live in extreme poverty. Many more face hunger and disease or have no access to healthcare or education. Yet global development efforts, under the framework of the Millennium Development Goals, have led to measurable progress, and we have seen millions being lifted out of poverty in recent years. At the same time however, we are also seeing growing inequalities and need to find ways to make economic growth more beneficial for a greater number of people.

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