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Call for Papers: 'Human rights, right to food and land rights'

19-08-2015 - 18:24
Ecuadorian ethnic women in national clothes selling agricultural products and other food items on a market in the Gualaceo village


Committee meeting 3 September: EU budget, climate change talks

26-08-2015 - 18:14
Portrait of Global Aerosols © William Putman/NASA/Goddard

Returning from the summer recess, the Committee on Development will hold a short meeting on Thursday, 3 September from 14:00 - 16:00 (Brussels Paul-Henri Spaak 3C050). On the agenda are votes on the budget 2016, an Opinion on the UN climate convention summit in December (COP 21 Paris) and also a debate on next year's EU budget. The next Committee meeting will take place 21 and 22 September.

MEPs on World Humanitarian Day 19 August

19-08-2015 - 18:28
Iraqi internally displaced children (c) EU - DG ECHO

Marking World Humanitarian Day 2015, the Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Development, Linda McAvan, and the Committee's standing rapporteur for humanitarian aid, Enrique Guerrero Salom, joined the global appeal to inspire a surge in global humanity and humanitarianism. 'The world faces an unprecedented humanitarian alert. Focus, commitment and action are today needed more than ever', they stressed in their joint statement.

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Welcome to the website of the Committee on Development (DEVE). I have had the honour of being Chair of the committee since July 2014.

Nearly a billion people around the world live in extreme poverty. Many more face hunger and disease or have no access to healthcare or education. Yet global development efforts, under the framework of the Millennium Development Goals, have led to measurable progress, and we have seen millions being lifted out of poverty in recent years. At the same time however, we are also see growing inequalities and need to find ways to make economic growth more beneficial for a greater number of people.

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