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Next FEMM Coommittee meeting

16-09-2015 - 15:02


Delegation to Dublin 24 - 25 September 2015

09-10-2015 - 11:44

Elimination of violence against women: adoption of an Oral Question

09-10-2015 - 11:44
Woman sitting on the floor, man standning with a clenched fist in fornt of her, threatening to hit her.
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Public hearing on the situation of women in armed conflicts

08-10-2015 - 12:04
Public hearing

The Policy of Gender Equality in the Netherlands

02-10-2015 - 12:24
Gender equality in Dutch

The Policy of Gender Equality in Ireland - update 2015

23-09-2015 - 08:57
Gender equality

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15-09-2015 - 15:04
FEMM Meeting
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FEMM Meeting

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As chair of the FEMM Committee I wish to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to our official website. Women’s rights and gender equality are the core issues of our Committee and we hope that our improved web presence can give the citizens and everyone who is interested in our mission, a better picture of our work and bring us closer to each other.

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