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Equality between women and men in 2013

First exchange of views
Every year FEMM committee draws up an own initiative report on equality between women and men in the EU. It is based on the report that the Commission prepares each year on the progress and the state of play of the main EU policy and legal developments on gender equality during the previous year, as well as model examples of policies and actions in Member States. This report on progress on equality between women and men is structured on the six priorities of the European Commission’s Strategy for equality between women and men 2010-15, namely: equal economic independence; equal pay for equal work and work of equal value; equality in decision-making; dignity, integrity and ending gender-based violence, gender equality in external action policy, and horizontal issues.

Spring forward for Women

Debate on the state of play
UN Women, in cooperation with the European Commission and FEMM Committee, is organizing the conference "Spring forward for Women" on 5 November 2014 in the European Parliament. The Conference aims to provide the opportunity for an exchange of experiences and views between women lawmakers from the Arab States and their European counterparts to identify common challenges and opportunities for women's effective political participation. This event is part of a larger project, Spring forward for Women, co-financed by the UN and the EU. This project for political and economic empowerment of women in the Southern Mediterranean region promotes access and effective participation of marginalised women in economic and public life by addressing the barriers that have impeded their engagement in these areas.

General budget of the European Union for the Financial Year 2015

Following the vote on the budgetary amendments on the 3 September in FEMM, the budget draftsperson has drafted several proposals for gender mainstreaming amendments for the resolution accompanying the budgetary amendments in the framework of the procedure for the Budget 2015.  These amendments will be voted on the 24th of September.

A new strategy for gender equality post 2015

Upon request of the FEMM committee, the Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs Policy Department held a workshop on 3 September on "A new strategy for gender equality post 2015" which provided an analysis and respective recommendations for actions to be taken by the European Commission and other European actors before 2020 in 7 different areas to improve the situation of women and to reach gender equality: Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Budgeting and monitoring; Economic independence and the position of women on the labour market; Maternity leave, paternity leave and parental leave and unpaid care work; Women in political and economic decision-making; Dignity, integrity and violence against women; and Gender aspects of foreign affairs and development cooperation.

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The priorities of the Italian Council Presidency are being outlined to the various parliamentary committees by Italian ministers on 2 and 3 September, following a first series of meetings held on 22 and 23 July. This text will be updated after each session.

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