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19-05-2017 - 08:19
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Internal Market Committee calls for EU strategy on the collaborative economy

IMCO 03-05-2017 - 13:03

The EU should reap “collaborative” economy benefits while ensuring fair competition, workers’ rights and tax compliance. (Read more)


E-commerce: ending unjustified geo-blocking across the EU

IMCO 25-04-2017 - 15:22

MEPs beefed up rules to ensure that buyers of goods or services from another EU country are treated like local customers in a committee vote on Tuesday. (Read more)


Products and services to be made more accessible for disabled persons in the EU

IMCO 25-04-2017 - 15:11

Key products and services, like phones, e-book readers, operating systems and payment terminals, will have to be made more accessible to people with disabilities, under draft EU rules amended in committee on Tuesday. (Read more)

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The IMCO Committee is responsible for legislative oversight and scrutiny for EU rules on the free movement of goods and services, free movement of professionals, customs policy, standardisation and the economic interests of consumers.  The committee members work to reduce barriers to economic trade and simplify legislation to enhance competitiveness across the Single Market (SM), while taking care for consumer interests in a wide range of sectors.

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The Assessment of Scientific and Technological Policy Options for the European Parliament.