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The next INTA meeting: 3 September 2014

Next meeting of the Committee on International Trade will take place on Wednesday 3 September from 9.00-12.30 and 15.00-18.30 in the room Altiero Spinelli 1G-2 in Brussels.
See below the highlights of the meeting.

Debate on the EU/Russia sanctions and agreements with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

INTA will hold a joint debate on the trade parts of the Association Agreements between the EU and, respectively, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. The debate will also touch upon the state of play of the EU/Russia trade relations which have dramatically deteriorated after the introduction of mutual sanctions over this summer. INTA members will exchange views on these issues with Mr Ignacio Garcia Bercero, acting Deputy Director General of DG Trade.

EU Budget 2015: Votes in INTA

INTA will vote on its opinion on Budget 2015. 15 amendments have been tabled to the Rapporteur's (Reimar BÖGE, EPP) draft opinion. The Rapporteur suggests to reinforce the resources of the Commission to negotiate Free Trade Agreements. Moreover, Pilot Projects have been suggested on the Commission's Stakeholder outreach, Fighting trade in conflict minerals and Funding the build-up of Civil Society  "Trade Watch" for monitoring the Union's trade policy.

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Priorities of the Italian Presidency in the area of International Trade Policy

During INTA Committee meeting of 3 September, the Italian Vice Minister Carlo Calenda will present the EU Presidency priorities in the international trade field for the remainder of the year.

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Launch of plurilateral environmental goods negotiations at the WTO

Following the launch of negotiations for an Environmental Goods Agreement on 8 July 2014, INTA committee will hold an exchange of views with the Commission (DG TRADE) on the topic. The first phase of the negotiations aims to eliminate tariffs on a wide range of environmental goods. A second phase could address non-tariff barriers and environmental services.

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The priorities of the Italian Council Presidency are being outlined to the various parliamentary committees by Italian ministers on 2 and 3 September, following a first series of meetings held on 22 and 23 July. This text will be updated after each session.

Presentation and responsibilities
Committee responsible for matters relating to the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the Union’s common commercial policy and its external economic relations, in particular:
1. financial, economic and trade relations with third countries and regional organisations;
2. the common external tariff and trade facilitation as well as the external aspects of customs provisions and management;
3. the opening, monitoring, conclusion and follow-up of bilateral, multilateral and plurilateral trade agreements governing economic, trade and investment relations  with third countries and regional organisations;
4. measures of technical harmonisation or standardisation in fields covered by instruments of international law;
5. relations with the relevant international organisations and international fora on trade-related matters, and with organisations promoting regional economic and commercial integration outside the Union; 
6. relations with the WTO, including its parliamentary dimension.
The committee liaises with the relevant interparliamentary and ad hoc delegations for the economic and trade aspects of relations with third countries.
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