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- Thursday,8 January 2015, 9.00 – 12.30 in Brussels, room Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS) 1A002
- Wednesday, 21 January 2015, 9.00 – 12.30 and 14.00 – 18.30 and
- Thursday, 22 January 2015, 9.00 – 12.30 and 15.00 – 18.30 in Brussels, room Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS) 1A002
All the meetings are broadcasted live and recorded unless otherwise indicated.

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Vote in LIBE on 8 January

On 8 January the LIBE Members will vote on a draft opinion on the 2013 Annual Report on the protection of the financial interests of the Union (2014/2155(INI)); Rapporteur Monica MACOVEI (EPP, RO). The vote will take place at 9.50 in room PHS 1A002.

Exchange of views on the Ombudsman's Inquiry on access to documents regarding TFTP

On 8 January at 10.00 in room Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS) 1A002, the LIBE Committee will hold an exchange of views regarding the letter of the European Ombudsman on access to the second inspection report of Europol Joint Supervisory Body (JSB) on the Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme (TFTP). The European Ombudsman, Ms O´Reilly, as well as representatives from Europol, the JSB and the European Commission will take part in this discussion with the LIBE Members.

Conclusions of the Italian Presidency in the area of Justice and Home Affairs

On 11 December at 11.00 in room Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS) 1A002, the LIBE Committee held an exchange of views with Mr Angelino ALFANO, Minister for the Interior and Mr Andrea ORLANDO, Minister for Justice as Presidents-in-office of the JHA Council who presented the conclusions of the Italian Presidency in the area of Justice and Home Affairs.

Vote in LIBE on 11 December at 9.15

On 11 December at 9.15 in room Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS) 1A002 the LIBE Members voted on the motion for a resolution further to an oral answer on the Situation in the Mediterranean and the need for a holistic EU approach to migration 2014/2907(RSP).

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LIBE ECON 17-12-2014 - 09:47  

The ultimate owners of companies would have to be listed in central registers in EU countries, accessible to people with a "legitimate interest", such as investigative journalists and other concerned citizens, under a deal struck by Parliament and Council negotiators on a draft EU anti-money laundering directive on Tuesday. The rules would also require banks, auditors, lawyers, real estate agents and casinos, among others, to be more vigilant about suspicious transactions made by their clients.

LIBE 27-11-2014 - 13:34  

The next European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) will be Giovanni Buttarelli, Parliament's President Martin Schulz announced in plenary on Thursday. His Assistant Supervisor will be Wojciech Rafał Wiewiórowski.

Presentation and responsibilities
Committee responsible for:
1.    the protection within the territory of the Union of citizens' rights, human rights and fundamental rights, including the protection of minorities, as laid down in the Treaties and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union;
2.    the measures needed to combat all forms of discrimination other than those based on sex or those occurring at the workplace and in the labour market;
3.    legislation in the areas of transparency and of the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data;
4.    the establishment and development of an area of freedom, security and justice while respecting the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality, in particular:
(a)    measures concerning the entry and movement of persons, asylum and migration,
(b)    measures concerning an integrated management of the common borders,
(c)    measures relating to police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, including terrorism, and substantive and procedural measures relating to the development of a more coherent Union approach to criminal law;
5.    the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Europol, Eurojust, Cepol, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and other bodies and agencies in the same area;
6.    the determination of a clear risk of a serious breach by a Member State of the principles common to the Member States.
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Welcome words

As Chair of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) I am happy to welcome you to this page.
The LIBE Committee is responsible for the vast majority of the legislation and democratic oversight of Justice and Home Affairs policies. Whilst doing so, it ensures the full respect of the Charter of Fundamental Rights within the EU, the European Convention on Human Rights and the strengthening of European citizenship.
Our Committee carries out its work in daily interactions with the European Commission (representing the European interest), the Council of Ministers (representing the 28 Member States' governments and national interests) and in close cooperation with national Parliaments. Regular exchanges also take place with representatives from the judiciary, law-enforcement authorities, academics and civil society.
While fully respecting the national legal order, Justice and Home Affairs policies are aimed at tackling issues of a common interest at the European level, such as: the fight against international crime and against terrorism, the protection of fundamental rights, ensuring data protection and privacy in a digital age, fighting against discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.
The LIBE Committee will do its upmost to continue building a fruitful dialogue with all interested parties and especially with citizens.