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All other public events organised as part of committee activities involving external speakers or experts.

18-10-2018 - Policy Dialogue with EUI: EP Elections - Challenges and Opportunities

AFCO 17-10-2018 - 14:02
EP elections

The Policy Dialogue “EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ELECTIONS - CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES OF NEW DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES” will bring together Members of European Parliament and staff with academics from the European University Institute (https://www.eui.eu//) via video-conference between Florence and Brussels. The academics invited have done important research on the impact of informational tools on their users in the context of democratic elections.

With back-up from Social and Political Science they have identified trends concerning possible information biases from new digital technologies as well as new technological opportunities to improve election campaigns. In view of the upcoming European elections of 23-26 May 2019, experts will present aspects of their research on the topic over the last years: Prof Giovanni Sartor: "European Parliament elections and digital tools." Prof Pier Luigi Parcu: "Digital technologies' challenges to media and democracy." Prof Dino Pedreschi: "Effects of algorithmic bias in social media platforms." Prof Andrea Calderaro: "Artificial Intelligence (AI), democracy and cybersecurity." Prof Diego Garzia: "Technological opportunities to improve turnout in EP elections." Prof Dr Danuta Huebner (Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs) will introduce the event from the point of view of European Politics from the European Parliament in Brussels. Please register here: udo.bux@ep.europa.eu

Location : Paul-Henri Spaak building - Room P1C047