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The following study examines whether the EU is entitled to the powers to apply regulations that oblige interest representatives to register in the Transparency Register. The limitations that apply by virtue of fundamental rights to the application of such regulations will also be outlined. The study arrives at the conclusion that an obligation to register could only be established on the basis of Article 352 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union. Compliance with fundamental rights depends on the scope of application, the nature of the obligations and the sanctions.

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Interinstitutional Agreement on the Transparency Register

The adoption of the Interinstitutional agreement on the transparency register will be on the agenda of the next plenary session (14-17 April).

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Relations between the European Parliament and the national parliaments

The report by Carlo CASINI (PPE, IT) on the relations between the European Parliament and the national parliaments will be on the agenda of the next plenary session (14-17 April).

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Statute and funding of European political parties and foundations

Following the last trilogue (25 February), AFCO adopted the consolidated text on the Statute and funding of European political parties and European political foundations, which will be on the agenda of the next plenary session (14-17 April).

2014 European Elections: seminar for journalists - 08-09.04.14

The European Parliament’s Press Service is holding a seminar for journalists on 08-09.04.14 in Brussels on the upcoming European Elections of 22-25 May. Journalists will have the opportunity to meet Members from all political families of the European Parliament. Renowned speakers will share their opinions on the political context of the European Elections, the role of European political parties, trends, challenges and the future of the EU.

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AFCO 18-03-2014 - 13:03  

Plans to reform the funding arrangements and legal status of European political parties and their affiliated foundations were backed by the Constitutional Affairs Committee on Tuesday. The new rules, already informally agreed with Council, should clarify the finances of these bodies and enhance their European character. A system to monitor compliance and impose penalties for breaches is also part of the deal.

AFCO 18-03-2014 - 12:37  

Measures to encourage lobbyists working with the EU to sign the EU’s public “Transparency Register” were backed by the Constitutional Affairs Committee on Tuesday. MEPs reiterated their demand that the register be made compulsory and meanwhile approved new provisions to push interest groups to make their relations with the EU more transparent.

Powers and responsibilities of standing committees
Committee responsible for:
1.    the institutional aspects of the European integration process, in particular in the framework of the preparation and proceedings of conventions and intergovernmental conferences;
2.    the implementation of the EU Treaty and the assessment of its operation;
3.    the institutional consequences of enlargement negotiations of the Union;
4.    interinstitutional relations, including, in view of their approval by Parliament, examination of interinstitutional agreements pursuant to Rule 127(2) of the Rules of Procedure;
5.    uniform electoral procedure;
6.    political parties at European level, without prejudice to the competences of the Bureau;
7.    the determination of the existence of a serious and persistent breach by a Member State of the principles common to the Member States;
8.    the interpretation and application of the Rules of Procedure and proposals for amendments thereto.
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