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Public Hearing on European Citizens' Initiative

27-02-2015 - 11:14
AFCO, PETI  Public hearing

On 26 February, AFCO organised, jointly with PETI, a hearing on the "Lessons to be drawn from the implementation of the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) regulation". This hearing gave the opportunity to evaluate all aspects linked to the functioning of the ECI, giving the floor to ECI organizers.

To follow the comments that were tweeted, this is the hashtag: #EPHearingonECI#


Studies' Alert

28-02-2015 - 10:23
Study by policy department on European elections

Two new studies have been published by the Policy Department:
- The Electoral Reform of the European Parliament: Composition, Procedure and Legitimacy
- The Juncker Commission and New Institutional and Legitimacy Set Up. What Main Issues and Challenges?

For more information or other recent studies, please consult the link below:

Building on the potential of the Lisbon Treaty

27-02-2015 - 11:35
Treaty©European Union, EP

On 26.02. 2015, Mr Brok and Mrs Bresso presented their ideas for their report on "Improving the functioning of the European Union building on the potential of the LisbonTreaty."

Evolutions of the current institutional set up of the EU

27-02-2015 - 11:35
MEPs express deep frustrations ahead of Summit, advance laws to fight the fog over investment products and press the States to implement 2011 patients' rights directive.

On 26.02.2015, AFCO had an exchange of views on Mr. Verhofstadt report on "Possible evolutions and adjustments of the current institutional set up of the European Union."

Subsidiarity and proportionality

27-02-2015 - 11:30
All the thorny debates and celebratory moments of the year put in a 3-minute nutshell for you.

The draft opinion of Mr Ujazdowski on the "Annual reports 2012-2013 on subsidiarity and proportionality" was considered in AFCO on 26.02.2015.

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

27-02-2015 - 11:30
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On 26.02.2015, the draft opinion of Mr. Esteban González Pons on "Recommendations to the European Commission on the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)" was discussed in AFCO.

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26-02-2015 - 17:47
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AFCO Meeting

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Ms Danuta Hübner

Welcome to the website of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs.

The 2014-2019 legislature will focus on the institutional aspects determining the future of the EU. We will continue to evaluate the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty’s innovations and use this assessment as a basis for new developments. The evaluation of measures taken after the 2008 crisis will also lead us to consider whether a new reform of the Treaty is necessary. The aim of such a reform would be twofold: to integrate the provisions of the intergovernmental Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union into the EU legal framework, which may require treaty amendments, and to lend democratic legitimacy to the economic governance of the euro area. One challenge will be to ensure that stronger euro area integration does not undermine the integrity of the EU.

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