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Brexit: the Constitutional Relationship of the United Kingdom with the European Union

AFCO 13-11-2018 - 10:19
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At each meeting of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs there is an exchange of views on the constitutional relationship of the United Kingdom with the European Union: the consequences of the results of the referendum of 23 June 2016. During these exchange of views, the AFCO committee hears from various experts and policy makers. Below you can find links to these events and relevant documents.


These are the links to the individual exchange of views held at each AFCO meeting:

Internal Documents

Here are links to documents published by the European Parliament relevant to AFCO's work on Brexit:

    Contribution of AFCO on the implications of the UK withdrawal from the EU
    Policy Department Study: Brexit and the European Union: General Institutional and Legal Considerations
    The Brexit Negotiations: An Assessment Of The Legal, Political And Institutional Situation In The UK
    Policy Department Study: The Impact of the UK's withdrawal from the EU on Scotland, Wales and Gibraltar
    Proceedings of the IMCO Workshop on the consequences of Brexit

External documents

Here are links to external documents relevant to AFCO's work on Brexit:

    UK Parliament Office in Brussels: Update on Article 50 Bill
    UK Delegation to the Committee of the Regions: Positions of the associations of local government and devolved bodies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
    House of Lords Publication: Brexit and the EU Budget
    House of Lords Publication: Brexit - UK-EU movement of people
    House of Lords Publication: Brexit - the Crown Dependencies