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This database contains the research papers produced by the European Parliament’s various research services, in particular studies, in-depth analyses and briefings produced by policy departments, the Economic Governance Support Unit and the Directorate for Impact Assessment and European Added Value. These documents aim to support the work of the various parliamentary bodies.

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Consequences of US trade policy on EU-US trade relations and the global trading system
17-10-2018 Study

Policy Departments' Monthly Highlights - October 2018
01-10-2018 At a Glance

The Development of an Institutional Framework for the Implementation of the Association Agreements in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: a comparative perspective
19-09-2018 Study

Policy Departments' Monthly Highlights - September 2018
10-09-2018 At a Glance

Protectionism and international diplomacy
25-06-2018 Study

EU as a global player one year on from the Rome Declaration
15-05-2018 In-Depth Analysis

Energy as a tool of foreign policy of authoritarian states, in particular Russia
27-04-2018 Study

A renewed partnership with the countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific
17-04-2018 Briefing

Human rights and democracy
16-04-2018 Periodicals

Workshop "Anti-corruption provisions in EU free trade and investment agreements: Delivering on clean trade"
28-03-2018 Study