Once a draft report, opinion or proposal has been submitted to the committee, members are given the opportunity to submit amendments (including budgetary amendments). The committee sets a deadline by which all amendments must be received. Proposed amendments are then discussed and voted upon in the committee meeting. Any adopted amendments are then incorporated into the draft text before it becomes final. This page shows all amendments proposed by committee members, before they are voted upon.
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AMENDMENTS 1 - 2 - Draft report - Mobilisation of the European Union Solidarity Fund to provide assistance to Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania and Poland

12-07-2018 BUDG_AM(2018)625421 PE 625.421v01-00


Documents in dossier BUDG/8/13414

Documents relating to procedure 2018/2078(BUD)

AMENDMENTS 1 - 7 - Draft position in the form of amendments - Complementing EU type-approval legislation with regard to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union

05-07-2018 ENVI_AM(2018)625366 PE 625.366v01-00

Adina-Ioana VĂLEAN

  AMENDEMENTS 705 - 878 - Projet de rapport - sur la proposition de directive du Parlement européen et du Conseil relative à la qualité des eaux destinées à la consommation humaine (refonte)

02-07-2018 ENVI_AM(2018)623724 PE 623.724v02-00


Documents in dossier ENVI/8/12227

Documents relating to procedure 2017/0332(COD)

  AMENDEMENTS 1 - 42 - Projet de proposition de résolution - Maladie de Lyme (borréliose)

28-06-2018 ENVI_AM(2018)623901 PE 623.901v01-00

Alojz PETERLE, Daciana Octavia SÂRBU, Jadwiga WIŚNIEWSKA, Frédérique RIES, Michèle RIVASI, Merja KYLLÖNEN, Mireille D'ORNANO, Sylvie GODDYN

AMENDMENTS 9 - 45 - Draft opinion - European Union macro-prudential oversight of the financial system and establishing a European Systemic Risk Board

28-06-2018 AFCO_AM(2018)623929 PE 623.929v01-00

Danuta Maria HÜBNER

Documents in dossier AFCO/8/11092

Documents relating to procedure 2017/0232(COD)

AMENDMENTS 18 - 54 - Draft opinion - Port reception facilities for the delivery of waste from ships

26-06-2018 PECH_AM(2018)623909 PE 623.909v01-00


Documents in dossier PECH/8/12558

Documents relating to procedure 2018/0012(COD)

AMENDMENTS 1 - 137 - Draft opinion - Minimum standards for minorities in the EU

26-06-2018 CULT_AM(2018)623877 PE 623.877v01-00


Documents in dossier CULT/8/12971

Documents relating to procedure 2018/2036(INI)

AMENDMENTS 1 - 4 - Draft recommendation - on the draft Council decision amending the Act concerning the election of the members of the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage, annexed to Council Decision 76/787/ECSC, EEC, Euratom of 20 September 1976

26-06-2018 AFCO_AM(2018)623898 PE 623.898v01-00

Jo LEINEN, Danuta Maria HÜBNER

Documents in dossier AFCO/8/13782

Documents relating to procedure 2015/0907(APP)

AMENDMENTS 15 - 47 - Draft opinion - European Union macro-prudential oversight of the financial system and establishing a European Systemic Risk Board

25-06-2018 JURI_AM(2018)623592 PE 623.592v02-00


Documents in dossier JURI/8/11091

Documents relating to procedure 2017/0232(COD)

AMENDMENTS 68 - 263 - Draft report - on a proposal calling on the Council to determine, pursuant to Article 7(1) of the Treaty on European Union, the existence of a clear risk of a serious breach by Hungary of the values on which the Union is founded

25-06-2018 LIBE_AM(2018)622146 PE 622.146v02-00


Documents in dossier LIBE/8/10381

Documents relating to procedure 2017/2131(INL)