Workshops are organised by the policy departments and enable members to put questions to and exchange views with experts on subjects associated with parliamentary business or subjects of current interest. They are not necessarily held in public but may be held during a committee meeting.

20-06-2018 - Is SESAR delivering results

CONT 03-07-2018 - 16:11

Safe and efficient air transport requires well-coordinated air traffic management (ATM). The Single European Sky initiative (SES) was established with an aim to improve the efficiency of the fractured ATM system in Europe. (Read more)

20-06-2018 - How to better combat fraud?

CONT 18-06-2018 - 11:29
Anti-Fraud Workshop

Follow up of the Commission’s anti-corruption sharing programme (Read more)

15-05-2018 - EU funding in the Baltic sea: state of play in the combat against Eutrophication

CONT 22-05-2018 - 15:28
Baltic Sea Workshop

The Baltic Sea is facing the problem of eutrophication, a process that occurs when excess nutrients - mainly nitrogen and phosphorus generated by human activity - enter a body of water. High nutrient concentrations lead to intense, potentially toxic algal blooms. (Read more)

23-01-2018 - Investments in the EU: where are we? EFSI, ESIF and Financial Instruments

CONT 30-01-2018 - 16:13
Workshop on  Investments in the EU: where are we?

On Tuesday, 23 January 2018, from 10:30 am to 12:30 am, the Committee on Budgetary Control will hold a workshop on “Investment in the EU: Where are we? European Fund for Strategic Investment, European Structural Investment Funds & Financial Instruments”. (Read more)

11-10-2017 - Post-2020 Audit Reform in the EU: mission possible

CONT 02-10-2017 - 17:06
Workshop poster

On 11 October 2017 the Committee on Budgetary Control will hold a workshop on "Post-2020 Audit Reform in the EU: mission possible" (Read more)

04-09-2017 - Implementation of the Common Provisions (Reg. EU 1303/2013)

CONT 25-08-2017 - 10:51
Poster on Workshop Policy Department D - Budgetary Affairs - Committee on Budgetary Control

Implementation of the Common Provisions (Reg. EU 1303/2013) for Structural, Agricultural, Social and Fisheries Funds in Practice, with a view to their Effectiveness (Read more)

30-05-2017 - Council Discharge - Finding Solutions

CONT 18-05-2017 - 16:42
Workshop on Council Discharge

The Committee is organising a workshop on Council discharge - finding solutions on 30 May 2017 (15.00-17.00). (Read more)

29-05-2017 - The future of OLAF

CONT 29-05-2017 - 11:33
CONT Workshop The future of OLAF

The Committee is organising a workshop on the future of OLAF on 29 May (15.00-18.30). Pursuant to Article 19 of the OLAF Regulation, Commission will have to submit an evaluation report on the application of the OLAF regulation 883/2013 and on the need to amend it. A first interim-version of the evaluation was presented at an OLAF conference in March. It is in this context that CONT decided to organise a workshop on the future of OLAF. (Read more)

04-05-2017 - Oversight and resources of partially and fully self-financed agencies

BUDG CONT 02-05-2017 - 10:17
Workshop Agencies

The workshop aims to address topics concerning fully and partially self-financed agencies related to both BUDG and CONT committees’ competences. (Read more)

21-03-2017 - Revision of the Financial Regulation: Towards an efficient and effective budget cycle

BUDG CONT 29-03-2017 - 16:05
Revision of the Financial Regulation

The Financial Regulation provides the principles and procedures governing the establishment and implementation of the European Union budget and the control of the EU funds. In September 2016, the Commission tabled a proposal to revise this Financial Regulation substantially with a view to simplify it and to improve the flexibility. (Read more)