Workshops are organised by the policy departments and enable members to put questions to and exchange views with experts on subjects associated with parliamentary business or subjects of current interest. They are not necessarily held in public but may be held during a committee meeting.

11-10-2017 - Post-2020 Audit Reform in the EU: mission possible

CONT 02-10-2017 - 17:06
Workshop poster

On 11 October 2017 the Committee on Budgetary Control will hold a workshop on "Post-2020 Audit Reform in the EU: mission possible"

Audit work has changed over the years. Compliance audits look principally at the legality and regularity of payments, but they say nothing about whether the political and economic objectives were achieved. A bridge in the middle of nowhere may have been built in respect of public procurement rules and contract obligations. These compliance audits are increasingly supplemented by performance audits, in which you try to answer the question whether the objective was achieved in an economic, effective and efficient manner. In spite of the growing complexity of the audit process the administrative burden for beneficiaries should remain reasonable. The key question is: How do we strike the right balance between providing easy access to European public funds for beneficiaries, while guaranteeing sound financial management. One element which has to be put in place for this purpose is a single audit chain, where one level build on the work of the other.

Location : European Parliament, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli Building, Room ASP 3G3