Working documents

Working documents are documents relating to the drafting of reports and opinions. The working document format is often used by committees to publish the explanatory statement of their report.
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WORKING DOCUMENT on ECA Special Report 5/2019 (Discharge 2018): FEAD - Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived: Valuable support but its contribution to reducing poverty is not yet established

14-11-2019 CONT_DT(2019)642905 PE642.905v02-00


WORKING DOCUMENT on ECA Special Report 12/2019 (Discharge 2018): E-commerce: many of the challenges of collecting VAT and customs duties remain to be resolved

09-10-2019 CONT_DT(2019)641365 PE641.365v01-00


WORKING DOCUMENT on ECA Special Report 7/2019 (Discharge 2018): EU actions for cross-border healthcare: significant ambitions but improved management required

09-10-2019 CONT_DT(2019)641370 PE641.370v01-00

Cristian GHINEA