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CRIM 17-09-2013 - 17:09  

Measures to crack down on organised crime, corruption and money laundering are set out in an EU action plan for 2014-2019, drawn up by a European Parliament committee established for this sole purpose and tabled on Tuesday. Attacking organised crime's financial assets and sources of income tops the list.

CRIM 07-05-2013 - 17:19  

Anyone convicted of a serious crime or corruption should be barred from tendering for public contracts or standing for election in the EU for at least five years, says the Special Committee on Organised Crime in a resolution voted on Tuesday. Mafia membership should be made a crime throughout the EU, and EU-wide rules drawn up on how to use confiscated mafia assets for social purposes, it adds.

CRIM 19-03-2013 - 11:07  

The EU should establish a public prosecutor to protect its financial interests and introduce an EU-wide definition of Mafia-style crime, it was suggested in the Special Committee against Organised Crime on Monday. Other draft proposals include laying down new rules to protect public tendering against organised crime and using confiscated criminal assets to benefit the community.

CRIM 29-11-2012 - 09:26  

Confiscated mafia assets should be re-used for social purposes, said members of the Special Committee on Organised Crime at Wednesday's public hearing on money laundering.

CRIM 13-11-2012 - 17:57  

Removing the financial control of mafia organisations over banks should be a priority in the EU's fight against organised crime. Monitoring high-risk clients' activities and sharing information on an EU database are among the proposals debated at a public hearing organised by the special committee on organised crime on Monday. Speakers also said taxing online gambling could help.

CRIM 15-10-2012 - 18:17  

The EP's special committee on organised crime looked at a range of options on Monday aimed at tackling organised crime across the EU. They included a Union-wide definition of mafia-related crimes, the possibility of seizing criminal assets and using them to benefit the community, new rules on public procurement and the creation of an EU prosecutor.

CRIM 09-07-2012 - 14:55  

Parliament's Special Committee on Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering will hold a public hearing on prevention, investigation and repression of organised crime in the EU, on Wednesday 11 July from 9:00 to 18.30, in room JAN 4Q2.

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Welcome to the website of the CRIM Special Committee

The Special Committee on Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering (CRIM) was set up in March 2012 further to the adoption, on 25 October 2011, of the European Parliament resolution on organised crime, for which I was rapporteur.
CRIM's term of office will last for one year and may be renewed for a further six months. Its purpose is both to study and analyse these criminal activities and to draw up a comprehensive, structured plan to combat them at EU level.
Organised crime, mafias and criminal systems pose a real threat to the security and freedom of European citizens. It is for that reason that the European Parliament, in setting up this special committee, has included the fight against these criminal activities among the priorities of the agenda of the EU and its Member States.
CRIM plans to invite the various institutions, international and EU organisations and national investigation and judicial authorities to sit around the same table with a view to developing an integrated and comprehensive strategy to effectively combat criminal systems and related activities, such as corruption and money laundering.
Sonia Alfano, Chair