Monetary dialogue

Monetary Dialogue – 29 May 2017


    Transcript of the Monetary Dialogue with ECB President

Topic 1 – Financial innovation and monetary policy: Challenges and prospects

      Implications of the Expanding Use of Cash for Monetary Policy - Daniel GROS (CEPS, Centre for European Policy Studies)
      Financial Innovation and Monetary Policy: Challenges and Prospects - Salomon FIEDLER, Klaus-Jürgen GERN, Stefan KOOTHS, Ulrich STOLZENBURG (Kiel Institute for the World Economy)
      Monetary Policy Implications of Financial Innovation - Kerstin BERNOTH (DIW Berlin and Hertie School of Governance), Stefan GEBAUER, Dorothea SCHÄFER (DIW Berlin)
      Potential Impact of Financial Innovation on Monetary Policy - Marek DABROWSKI (CASE, Center for Social and Economic Research)
      The Implications of Digital Currencies for Monetary Policy - Daniel HELLER (Peterson Institute for International Economics)

Topic 2 – Rising long-term interest rates: Is the European bond market overshooting?

      Fundamentals versus Market Sentiments in the Euro Bond Markets: Implications for QE - Paul DE GRAUWE (LSE), Yuemei JI (University College London and LSE), Corrado MACCHIARELLI (Brunel University London and LSE)
      Rising Long-term Interest Rates: Is the European Bond Market Overshooting? - Andrew HUGHES HALLETT (Department of Economics, Copenhagen Business School)
      Is the Recent Increase in Long-term Interest Rates a Threat to the Eurozone Recovery? - Grégory CLAEYS, Konstantinos EFSTATHIOU (Bruegel)
      Are European Bond Markets Overshooting? - Christophe BLOT (Sciences Po, OFCE), Jérôme CREEL (Sciences Po, OFCE & ESCP Europe), Paul HUBERT (Sciences Po, OFCE), Fabien LABONDANCE (CRESE, Université de Besançon & Sciences Po, OFCE)

Monetary Dialogue – 6 February 2017


Transcript of the Monetary Dialogue with ECB President

      Introductory statement and Q&A session

Topic 1 – Extending QE: Are there additional risks for financial stability?

      Monetary experts: Andrew HUGHES HALLETT, Salomon FIEDLER, Stefan KOOTHS, Ulrich STOLZENBURG, Christophe BLOT, Jérôme CREEL, Paul HUBERT, Fabien LABONDANCE, Xavier RAGOT

Topic 2 – Side effects of non-standard monetary policy: How long is the short-run?

      Monetary experts: Michael HACHULA, Michele PIFFER, Malte RIETH, Roman HORVATH, Daniel GROS