Monetary Dialogue - 2 December 2019

    Transcript of the monetary dialogue with ECB President
    Executive summary of the papers
    Questions by the experts

Topic 1 – Task Ahead: Review of the ECB's Monetary Policy Strategy

      Compilation of papers
      Thoughts on a Review of the ECB’s Monetary Policy Strategy - Christophe BLOT, Jérôme CREEL and Paul HUBERT (OFCE)
      The Two-pillar Strategy of the ECB: Ready for a Review – Daniel GROS and Angela CAPOLONGO (CEPS)
      Priorities for Review of the ECB’s Monetary Policy Strategy - Jérémie COHEN-SETTON, Christopher G. COLLINS and Joseph E. GAGNON (Peterson Institute for International Economics)
      The Urgent Need for a Review of the ECB's Monetary Policy Strategy: Towards an Institutional Review - Christopher A. HARTWELL (CASE)
      Recommendations for the ECB’s Monetary Policy Strategy Review – Karl WHELAN (University College Dublin)

Topic 2 – The Future of Money

      Compilation of papers
      The Impact of Digitalisation on the Monetary System - Salomon FIEDLER, Klaus-Jürgen GERN and Ulrich STOLZENBURG (Kiel Institute for the World Economy)
      Virtual Money: How Much do Cryptocurrencies Alter the Fundamental Functions of Money? – Eddie GERBA (London School of Economics and Political Science) and Margarita RUBIO (University of Nottingham)
      Public or Private? The Future of Money - Chi Hyun KIM and Alexander KRIWOLUZKY (DIW Berlin)
      The Next Generation of Digital Currencies: In Search of Stability - Grégory CLAEYS and Maria DEMERTZIS (Bruegel)