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ECON evaluation of Troika

ECON 24-04-2014 - 10:25

ECON is currently preparing an own initiative report evaluating the structure, the role and operations of the 'Troika' (Commission, ECB and the IMF) actions in euro area programme countries. Many citizens in Europe are sensing a lack of accountability and transparency of the working methods of the Troika. An increasing number of petitions, complaints and other citizens' requests have been channelled to the European Parliament in this regard.
In the framework of the drafting of the report, the ECON chair and the co-rapporteurs have sent a questionnaire to Institutions involved in the Troika as well as to Member States (Finance Minister, Governor of the Central Bank and Head of State).

Questionnaire to EU institutions involved in the Troika and to Member States


EU institutions

    European Council
    European Commission
    European Central Bank

Member States

    Ministry of Finance of Cyprus
    Central Bank of Cyprus
    Ministry of Finance of Greece
    Central Bank of Greece
    Ministry of Finance of Ireland
    Central Bank of Ireland
    Ministry of Finance of Portugal
    Central Bank of Portugal