Draft opinions

For legislative reports, opinions take the form of amendments proposed to the report drafted by the main committee, accompanied by short justifications where appropriate. For non-legislative reports, opinions take the form of suggestions for parts of the text. Draft opinions are the opinions not yet voted upon by the committee. Once the draft opinions are adopted by the committee, they become opinions and are subsequently submitted to the committee responsible for drafting the report. This page shows the draft opinions before they are voted.
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DRAFT OPINION on Civil Law Rules on Robotics

14-07-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)587414 PE 587.414v01-00

Cristian-Silviu BUŞOI

Deadline for tabling amendments : 15-09-2016

DRAFT OPINION on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles and their trailers, and of systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles

13-07-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)585489 PE 585.489v01-00

Christofer FJELLNER

Deadline for tabling amendments : 14-09-2016

DRAFT OPINION on on the general budget of the European Union for the financial year 2017 - all sections

08-07-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)585789 PE 585.789v01-00

Giovanni LA VIA

Deadline for tabling amendments : 14-07-2016

Documents in dossier ENVI/8/06202

DRAFT OPINION on the EU strategy for liquefied natural gas and gas storage

20-06-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)584261 PE 584.261v01-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 14-07-2016

DRAFT OPINION on an Aviation Strategy for Europe

26-05-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)583948 PE 583.948v01-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 06-09-2016

DRAFT OPINION on an EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling

11-05-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)582292 PE 582.292v01-00

Christofer FJELLNER

Deadline for tabling amendments : 26-05-2016

Documents in dossier ENVI/8/06094

DRAFT OPINION on the Annual Report 2014 on subsidiarity and proportionality

25-04-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)576942 PE 576.942v01-00

Mireille D'ORNANO

Deadline for tabling amendments : 27-05-2016

Documents in dossier ENVI/8/04765

DRAFT OPINION on 2017 Budget - Mandate for the Trilogue

25-04-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)582104 PE 582.104v01-00

Giovanni LA VIA

Deadline for tabling amendments : 01-06-2016

Documents in dossier ENVI/8/05781

DRAFT OPINION on liability, compensation and financial security for offshore and gas operations

22-03-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)575123 PE 575.123v01-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 03-05-2016

Documents in dossier ENVI/8/05232

DRAFT OPINION on Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with special regard to the Concluding Observations of the UN CRPD Committee

23-02-2016 ENVI_PA(2016)577058 PE 577.058v01-00


Deadline for tabling amendments : 06-04-2016

Documents in dossier ENVI/8/05797