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Chairman's welcome

Welcome to the ENVI Committee website.
Counting 71 members, our Committee is the largest legislative committee in the European Parliament. We are working to see the many concerns of citizens all over Europe reflected in environmental, health and food safety legislation. The European Parliament has gained co-legislative powers in the vast majority of issues discussed in ENVI, making it one of the most influential committees.
Our work in the field of environmental policy comprises issues ranging from the regulation of toxic chemicals to the preservation of Europe's biodiversity. The Committee also works towards promoting a resource-efficient and sustainable Europe. The fight against climate change is at the heart of our Committee's work.
Recent food scandals in Member States have highlighted the need for better food safety. We critically look into legislation concerning the regulation of foodstuffs. Better information for consumers, e.g. through clearer and unambiguous labelling of products is a main concern of the ENVI Committee.
In the field of Public Health, ENVI strives to propose European solutions to health-related problems. Recent examples of our work comprise the safety of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, the fight against counterfeit medicinal products and the defence of patient's rights. 
We hope that this website will give you a better picture of our work and we invite you to comment on any issue which is of interest to you.
Matthias Groote