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Health Working Group

ENVI 15-01-2019 - 17:41
Health Working group
Robot hand holding a heart

The Health Working Group consists of a forum for MEPs to discuss issues that affect the health of Europe's citizens. Many decisions are made at the European Parliament which affect health, whether it's nutritional labelling on food, health warnings on tobacco, research into new cancer treatments or cross border organ donations.

The aim of the co-chairs of the Working group is to give patients, medical professionals, industry, academics and policy makers a chance to discuss the best way forward on the most important topics in the field of health.

The next meeting of the Health Working group is scheduled to take place on 19 February from 3pm to 5pm. Title: "Robots in healthcare: a solution or a problem?"


A. Peterle (EPP) and S. Cabezon Ruiz (S&D)