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Plant Protection Products - Implementation Report

ENVI 11-06-2018 - 16:28
Tractor spraying a field of corn

Plant protection products (PPP) are 'pesticides' that protect crops or desirable or useful plants and contain at least an active substance. ENVI decided in March 2017 to draw up an implementation report on the PPP Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 to determine whether it was delivering on its stated objectives: to ensure a high level of protection for humans, animals and environment and to improve the functioning of the internal market through harmonisation.

ENVI requested a European Implementation Assessments (EIA) on the Regulation to be carried out by the Ex-Post Evaluation Unit of DG EPRS. The comprehensive EIA was published in April 2018 and included four separate studies covering distinct aspects of the implementation of the Regulation, ranging from the use of derogations by Member States to the mapping of practices of scientific evaluation of active substances in PPPs.

The draft report stresses - among others - how the high number of derogations on authorisations granted by Member States, the insufficient harmonisation of data and testing requirements and issues linked to transparency all hinder the successful implementation of the Regulation. AGRI is contributing to this implementation report with an opinion under Rule 54.

Rapporteur: P. Poc (S&D)

Shadow Rapporteurs : M. McGuinness (EPP), J. Procter (ECR), J. Huitema (ALDE), M. Häusling (Greens), A. Hazekamp (GUE), P. Pedicini (EFDD), S. Goddyn (ENF)