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Climate diplomacy

ENVI 12-06-2018 - 17:24
joined hands holding a planted tree with a butterfly

The joint AFET-ENVI report focus on the climate diplomacy, a form of targeted foreign policy to engage third country governments and non-governmental actors globally in a will to promote low emissions, a climate-resilient development and the fight against climate change.

The draft report proposes EP's recommendations for institutional improvements, thematic priorities and the involvement of targeted actors. It reaffirms the international leading role of the EU and its strong engagement in honoring the commitment to the Paris Agreement and SDGs, underlines the impact of climate change on human life, peace and stability; it reaffirms the EU responsibility towards developing countries and vulnerable states to support their sustainable development. The co-rapporteurs call inter alia, for a coherent approach to EU climate diplomacy ,and for a mainstreaming of the climate diplomacy dimension in the EU external relations.

Co-Rapporteurs: J.Leinen and A.Lietz

Shadows: A. Peterle , D. Šuica , A. Gericke, C.Tannock , U. Paet , A. Jäätteenmäki, J. Dalunde, M.Affronte, E.Torres Martinez, S. Koulouglou, P.Pedicini, F. M.Castaldo